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FieldTurf is a revolutionary artificial turf that is installed by Heavenly Greens in Northern California. FieldTurf artificial grass was designed with a single goal in mind: to provide a surface that duplicates the look and feel of real grass. After years of research and development, and hundreds of tests, FieldTurf succeeded. They have created a synthetic turf unlike any other.

It looks like grass, feels like grass and plays like grass! FieldTurf is dramatically different from traditional artificial turf.  Instead of a dense, abrasive rug, FieldTurf’s fiber surface is soft and silky—like new blades of grass in a spring meadow. FieldTurf’s artificial grass fibers are surrounded and stabilized by a special blend of “synthetic earth.” FieldTurf’s patented mixture of smooth, rounded silica sand, and rubber granules made of re-ground recycled tire material.

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The result: A stable, resilient, uniform, shock-absorbing artificial turf surface that doesn’t look like artificial grass – FieldTurf synthetic turf is the original and only system emulating natural grass, ideal not only for athletes at the elite level but for everyday activities of active, competitive young people, and families everywhere.

What Makes It Better?

  1. Proprietary polyethylene “alloy” fiber engineered specifically for FieldTurf. Very low Abrasion index (similar to natural grass) so you won’t get rug burn.
  2. Designed to stand up to years of use and exposure to the elements in any climate around the world.
  3. Contains UV inhibitors that do not need reapplication.
  4. Patented permeability system giving FieldTurf excellent usage in all weather environments.
  5. No ponding…Drains faster than natural grass at 40 to 60 inches per hour. Patented system does not require the addition of burned or drilled holes for percolation, which weaken the system.
  6. Patented silica sand and cryogenic rubber infill that is almost 3 times as heavy as competing systems. This exclusive infill provides superior safety, grass-like stability and better long-term resilience.
  7. Crumb rubber infill is rounded and does not attract microscopic bubbles of air. As a result it does not contain as much dust as does mechanically recycled rubber, nor does it float or get displaced in high use areas. Ambient rubber is jagged, floats and moves with the water flow, migrating to the edges of the field.
  8. Heavenly Greens provides a 15 year warranty on your FieldTurf installation, making it the best synthetic grass warranty in the business. In the twenty years the product has been in use, FieldTurf has never had to replace an installation for warranty. Plus, all warranties are backed by insurance policies giving you complete confidence.


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