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Skip Outdated Nylon Artificial Turf; Choose New Technology

The nylon technology of the fake grass of old is just that - a thing of the past. Don’t you remember? Products like Astroturf weren’t flexible or comfortable, and it didn’t look natural at all. If you played and slid on it, you got the worst rug-burn ever. Learn about the new technology of artificial turf below!


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Heavenly Greens, a synthetic grass company out of the San Francisco Bay area, wants to show you what’s taking the place of this outdated nylon technology. It’s Heavenly Greens artificial turf.

With their products, you don’t have the uncomfortable, inflexible, fake-looking turf. Instead, Heavenly Greens offers artificial grass that is:

  • shock absorbent,
  • comfortable,
  • clean,
  • easily drained,
  • flexible,
  • soft,
  • low maintenance, and
  • not odor absorbent.

You see, Heavenly Greens is the right choice for synthetic grass installation.

It’s a company that’s adapted with the times. Their grass is now even greener – based on more than it’s color. Heavenly Greens fake grass doesn’t require chemical maintenance or treatments, and it’s 100-percent recyclable.

Don’t wait and get further behind the times. Call Heavenly Greens today for a quote on installing an artificial lawn at your home, business, park or ball field. It’s worth the technology update.

Contact the new technology experts, call Heavenly Greens today for a fast, free quote and enjoy the benefits of the latest artificial turf.

Check on the limited time Lawn Installation Promotion and get an trusted advisor to give you a free quote on a turf solution you will love or call 888-254-5503888-254-5503 and just ask. 

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