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The Italian sport of Bocce Ball, known by its French equivalent petanque and its South American equivalent Bocca, is a timeless sport enjoyed the world over by people of all ages and skill levels. While it is traditionally played on courts made of crushed limestone or oyster shell, bocce is well suited for play on artificial turf courts. Artificial turf requires significantly less maintenance and provides a more family-friendly experience. Bocce courts made of fake grass stay smooth and lush all year round, saving time and energy, not to mention money, on maintenance.

Just as it is ideal for other sports, the smooth surface of synthetic grass is ideal for bocce ball roll, and eliminates the occurrence of frustrating mud spots and divots that occurs in other courts. Heavenly Greens can also install artificial turf on most surfaces, including asphalt and concrete. Our superior infill and drainage system prevents mold and grime from accumulating underneath turf, and specialized padding provides a natural, life-like surface for play. Heavenly Greens synthetic turf bocce courts are also allergen-free, toxin-free and offer a low-maintenance have a built-in weed barrier that eliminates many weeds and helps prevent bug infestations.

Artificial turf bocce courts are clean! Rain delays are greatly reduced with fake turf, which dries quickly, decreasing rain delays and increasing your options for time and season for play.

commercial artificial grass bocce ball courts

Why Use Artificial Turf on Your Bocce Ball Court?

  • smooth playing surface enhances ball roll
  • fun for all ages, no matter skill levels or abilities
  • can be installed on concrete and asphalt surfaces
  • hassle-free maintenance saves time and money
  • artificial turf acts as a weed barrier and prevents bug infestations
  • life-like turf that looks and feels natural
  • toxin-free and allergen-free
  • drains quicker than real grass
  • faster drying time allows for more play, no matter the season


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