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Living in an apartment does not mean you have to forgo owning a lush green lawn. Even if your only option for a yard is your apartment balcony, we can help! Heavenly Greens offers an artificial turf solution for all types of homes, condos, apartments and townhouses.

Lush green synthetic grass is perfect for home patios

Artificial turf is perfect for apartment balconies.

Heavenly Greens artificial grass is a great solution for adding beauty and recreational possibilities to rooftops and decks. Unlike natural grass, synthetic grass doesn’t need soil so it can be installed anywhere. With rooftop installations, we incorporate a tile system to help insure proper drainage so our artificial grass drains completely and more efficiently, so even if it does rain, your grass will be dry and usable soon after. Unlike other flooring options, it isn’t slippery when wet nor does it mold like carpeting if left wet too long. Our synthetic grass is thick and soft, even when laid over concrete and all of our Heavenly Greens synthetic turf products are pet-friendly too. With our MaxxFlow drainage system, pet odors do not fester inside turf, and residue can be easily washed away with water. If you’re considering an alternative surface to your patio or deck, artificial grass as a surface is a great choice!

Why Choose Artificial Turf For Your Patio, Deck or Rooftop?

  • Our synthetic turf can be installed over virtually any surface
  • Heavenly Greens artificial turf products have superior drainage and quick drying characteristics
  • Synthetic grass is a great alternative to traditional outdoor flooring options
  • 100% non-toxic, lead free and allergen free
  • Artificial turf is safe and friendly for children and animals
  • Easy to clean, whether parties, pets, or people

Synthetic Turf Makes for a Great Balcony

Add a little green to your space. Artificial grass is great for a balcony.

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