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Artificial Turf For Backyard Golf

Backyard Putting Greens

artificial putting greens

Heavenly Greens Signature Series professional putting green turf delivers a true golfing experience in your own backyard. We are the highest quality provider of professional grade artificial grass putting greens, providing unparalleled realism in terms of surface quality, aesthetics and product performance. Your backyard or indoor putting green will allow endless practicing to help shave strokes off your short-game.

Our approach to putting green installations is to provide our customers with better/best options, with two completely different types of putting green materials. Our professional design and installation team can help you choose the best product fit and design the perfect backyard putting green for your home. Our greens are designed with custom breaks, elevations and bunkers to create a spectacular playable showpiece for the ultimate home golf experience.

Why choose a Heavenly Greens Signature Series for your artificial putting green?

  • Individually custom-designed from the ground up, including slope, breaks, and hole locations
  • Professional design assistance to help you get exactly what you want
  • Speed can be set to match your playing style -- rolled or modified to any desired Stimpmeter reading
  • Fringe can be installed around your putting surface for a realistic, appealing look
  • A tee box can be built near your putting green for chipping and longer stroke play
  • Aluminum cups eliminate cracking and costly hole repair

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Field Turf Info
putting green turf

FieldTurf is a revolutionary artificial turf that is installed by Heavenly Greens in Northern California. FieldTurf artificial grass was designed with a single goal in mind: to provide a surface that duplicates the look and feel of real grass. After years of research and development, and hundreds of tests, FieldTurf succeeded. They have created a synthetic turf unlike any other.

It looks like grass, feels like grass and plays like grass! FieldTurf is dramatically different from traditional artificial turf.  Instead of a dense, abrasive rug, FieldTurf’s fiber surface is soft and silky—like new blades of grass in a spring meadow. FieldTurf’s artificial grass fibers are surrounded and stabilized by a special blend of “synthetic earth.” FieldTurf’s patented mixture of smooth, rounded silica sand, and rubber granules made of re-ground recycled tire material.

putting green turf
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putting green turf
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