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Why Choose To Install Artificial Turf For Your Lawn?

  • Artificial turf enhances the look of your home
  • Heavenly Greens artificial turf is safe for pets and children
  • Artificial turf dries quickly and stays mess-free for activity year-round
  • Artificial turf is tough enough to withstand the roughest wear and tear
  • Allergen-free, lead-free and non-toxic our products are completely safe
  • Less maintenance for people on the go or those who cannot maintain a lawn
  • Save money in the long run on water and maintenance bills
  • A 15 Year Warranty ensures your artificial lawn will last for years to come


Kid plays on backyard synthetic lawn

Kids can enjoy a soft, lush, lawn all year round.

Homeowners love our artificial lawns for lots of reasons. Heavenly Greens’ synthetic turf gives you a lawn that’s great for children, pets, or golf, letting everyone play year-round on grass that’s clean and durable, yet soft. Our artificial turf is tough enough to withstand the wear and tear of a busy family and pets, yet is comfortable to stand or play on. Ideal for games of catch, or soccer, homeowners even install their own personal putting greens or bocce courts. Also, Heavenly Greens artificial lawns are great options for those who simply don’t have the time or desire to maintain a lawn, such as constant business travelers or elderly folks. In fact, synthetic lawns are great for those who simply don’t want to spend time or effort mowing their lawns.

More play, less work! Heavenly Greens installs beautiful synthetic lawns that require significantly less maintenance than a real lawn. Cut down on the time and money you spend maintaining your lawn and enjoy your yard with family and friends. With artificial grass, you no longer have to spend weekends mowing, hedging and otherwise maintaining your lawn. When you’re gone on vacation, you don’t need to worry about your sprinkler system working or whether a lawn service is caring for it correctly. If you aren’t capable of maintaining your yard, don’t worry. This is the perfect solution for seniors. With Heavenly Greens synthetic turf, your lawn will always be beautiful and green, all year long.

Heavenly Greens lawns are both environmentally friendly and save you money! Our lawns are safe, toxin-free and lead-free. Plus we offer artificial turf options that are made from 100% recyclable materials for sustainability. One of the best features of a synthetic lawn is that you’ll save thousands of gallons of water a year, saving lots on watering bills. Artificial lawns also require absolutely no chemical treatments to maintain, making them healthier and safer for your loved ones. Avoid any pesticide, herbicide or fertilizer. Over time, your Heavenly Greens artificial lawn will pay for itself, saving you lots of money on water and maintenance and typically within 5 to 7 years! That’s a nice payback for a nice ROI and water savings. Your synthetic grass yard is not only good for the environment; it makes your house look beautiful 100% of the time. Your yard will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Before and After Synthetic Grass Installation

Before and After Synthetic Grass Installation










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