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The Bay Area Leader in Artificial Turf

HG Bocce

Heavenly Greens offers a unique Bocce lineup that includes three primary color options to fit any aesthetic desire: natural oyster shell, lush green, and clay/brick red. The product is extremely low maintenance when compared to traditional surfaces without sacrificing performance.


  • Yarn Type: Texturized monofilament; oyster shell blend, olive, clay

  • Face Weight: 36 oz.

  • Pile Height: 9/16 in

  • Backing: Solid Urethane

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Product Specs

  • Yarn Type: UV Resistant Polyethylene

  • Face Weight: 70 oz.

  • Pile Height: 2 in

  • Backing: Dual Layer Woven Polypropylene & Dual System Permeable Polyurethane

Download our product comparison guide.  <http://www.heavenlygreens.com/ty--free-guide-product-comparison> 


Summer Rye

Product Specs

  • Yarn Type: Polyethylene

  • Face Weight: 60 oz.

  • Pile Height: 2.15 in

  • Backing: Stabilized two layered woven & polypropylene

Download our product comparison guide.  <http://www.heavenlygreens.com/ty--free-guide-product-comparison> 



Nutmeg Lush

This thatch product has blades that are very resilient, yet soft to the touch. They’re supported by a blend of colors that look right at home in California’s sunny climate. It’s also equipped with the superior drainage backing MaxxFlow™. This product is great for active backyards.


  • Yarn Type: Field Green / Olive Green Monofilament

  • Face Weight: 65 oz.

  • Pile Height: 1 ⅝ in

  • Backing: MaxxFlow™


HG T-70

An excellent general purpose turf designed with front yards or moderate use areas in mind. A natural and lush-looking grass designed to enhance the appearance and beauty of your front yard. It’s a low-infill turf product that requires sand-based or organic alternatives such as Heavenly Greens Shell-Tec.


  • Yarn Height: Field Green / Apple Green / Green & Brown Thatch

  • Face Weight: 70 oz.

  • Pile Height: 2 in

  • Backing: Flowthru



Our customers say that “This is the most natural looking synthetic grass we’ve ever seen” — largely do to its realistic appearance. This natural-looking turf performs well for a variety of applications and is an ideal choice for all landscape beautification projects.


  • Spec 1: Field Green / Olive Green / Green & Brown Thatch

  • Spec 2: 70 oz.

  • Spec 3: 2 ⅛ in

  • Spec 4: Hole Punch

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Simply Natural II

Product Specs

  • Yarn Type: UV-Resistant Polyethylene

  • Face Weight: 70 oz.

  • Pile Height: 2 in

  • Backing: Dual layer woven polypropylene and dual system permeable polyurethane

Download our product comparison guide.  <http://www.heavenlygreens.com/ty--free-guide-product-comparison> 


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