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Breaking News in San Jose! Have a Weed-Free Lawn—Get Artificial Turf!


Just the word can make any yard owner shudder. The proliferation of dandelions,  foxtails, clover, thistles and other obnoxious plant pests can be hugely detrimental to a lovely grass lawn. Weeds prey on your grass’s natural nutrients, disrupt an even green lawn, and can be highly uncomfortable for bare feet and pets’ paws.

Maintain your lawn by staying weed-free! The University of California Agricultural and Natural Resources website has a list that details commonly found weeds that may be attacking your yard little by little, as well as a weed identification tool where you can plug in descriptive details about a parasitic plant that has sprung up in your yard. But no matter what measures you take to stay weed-free, no solution lasts. Killing weeds will always be a chore for the lawn-owner.

Weed-free artificial turf lawnWe’ve got a solution to weeds in your lawn: Artificial lawns can take care of your weeding woes! With Heavenly Greens synthetic grass, your days of watering, raking, mowing and yes—weeding your lawn are over for good. Heavenly Greens’ artificial turf, FieldTurf is not only soft and life-like, it lasts for decades and stays lovely day-in and day-out without all the maintenance. Our 15-year warranty ensures your satisfaction.

With artificial turf, all the work you need to keep your lawn looking great is an occasional once-over with the leaf blower and a squirt of weed killer. This way you’ll ensure nothing transfers from other parts of your garden over to your otherwise perpetually and perfectly manicured lawn.

Heavenly Greens artificial turf gives you a beautiful and weed-free lawn, 365 days a year! Visit our website to read more about our synthetic grass options, and learn why Heavenly Greens is the right choice for your artificial turf needs.  At our showroom in San Jose, California lawn owners can see, feel and learn all about FieldTurf.

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