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What Is Artificial Grass?


Artificial grass and what you should know about itArtificial grass is freedom. Freedom from mowing the lawn on weekends. Freedom from escalating water bills to keep your grass green and growing. Freedom from allergens and potentially poisonous chemicals. Freedom to relax and make the most of your precious weekends. And, all the while, your grass looks exceptional, all on its own.

No wonder artificial grass has become the go-to landscaping and sports surface for yards, playgrounds, dog areas, commercial and residential putting greens, event spaces, and more.

Today’s artificial grass is nothing like fake grass from years ago. It not only looks just like the real thing, even up close, it performs better than natural grass. And it “lives” for many years, with minimal maintenance. Naturally, then, when customers visit our Heavenly Greens artificial grass showroom in San Jose, the foremost question on their mind is simple:

What is artificial grass, anyway?

Although you see only the uppermost, grassy surface, an artificial turf installation starts well below the surface. In total, there are 5 layers:

  • The visible blades
  • Infill between the blades
  • Weed barrier
  • Crushed rock base
  • Natural soil

Here at Heavenly Greens, we install only the highest-quality synthetic turf products. Our FieldTurf is toxin-free, anti-microbial, and comes with an industry-leading warranty. And there’s a type of turf specifically created for virtually any purpose – 50 shades of green, as we like to say. When you visit our San Jose showroom, you can see and touch them to discover the differences.

In general, though, here’s what’s special about this fake grass:

The “Grass”

Our FieldTurf products are all made of advanced plastics. Depending on the purpose and the desired look, the material may be nylon, polypropylene, or polyethylene. The individual blades that form the grass come in different shapes and lengths, just like different varieties of natural grass.

Each blade of grass has a durable “spine” to help it stand straight and tall and resist matting, even under heavy foot traffic. The blades are highly UV resistant, to avoid fading. And although they are outstandingly durable, they are soft and silky, so sports fans never get “rug burn.”

The “Soil”

The individual grass blades surrounded and stabilized by our special blend of “synthetic earth,” called infill. The infill adds cushioning underfoot, and it keeps the blades upright. Just as scientific advances have upgraded the grassy appearance of artificial turf over the years, science has also given us more options when it comes to infill.

Now, depending on the location of your installation and how you plan to use your artificial grass, we might recommend infill that is made from:

  • Crumb rubber
  • Sand or rounded silica granules
  • EnviroFill
  • ShellTech
  • ZeoFill
  • DuraFill

But artificial grass doesn’t lay there on top of the ground. As we noted, the installation begins well below the surface. Thanks to this carefully constructed drainage system, our FieldTurf grass drains away water far better than real grass – as much as 40 to 60 inches of water per hour. There is no ponding of water during rain, and the surface dries quickly, allowing you to get back in action fast. The patented permeability system requires no burned or drilled holes for percolation, which weakens the system.

The Lifespan

Here at Heavenly Greens, we sell and install only superior artificial grass. That allows us to offer superior warranties on our products – the best in the business for synthetic grass. Homeowners insurance also covers artificial grass, to the extent of your policy. You get total confidence and peace of mind. In the decades we’ve been in business in California, we’ve never had to replace an installation for warranty.

Learn how artificial grass saves money.

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