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Don't Let Rainy Days Interrupt Sports Games – Try Synthetic Grass

While athletes on the sports field certainly take their fair share of beatings, it could be argued that is the sports field itself that truly takes the brunt of the battle. Take football. Athletes pushing well over 200 pounds, all wearing equipment that weighs 13 pounds each, dig their cleats into the beautiful, manicured green turf, racing around and pounding each other into the ground. Think delicate grass could stand this kind of wear and tear? Not a chance.

Think that living in California means glorious sunny days all year long? Not a chance. On rainy days, or even after a particularly heavy storm, many sports fields in Santa Clara, San Jose, Palo Alto, Mountain View and elsewhere in the Silicon Valley shut down to give the fields time to drain; resulting in shorter seasons or awkward makeup game schedules.

Sports fields with real grass are constantly torn up and filled with ruts and bumps as sports seasons progress. A little rain may not stop a team from playing, but their cleats certainly will do a number on the field.  A wet field must get a break so that it can dry out, which is a scheduling pain for busy players and coaches with limited practice field options.

artificial turf for Silicon Valley school sports fields resized 600Every year, schools, communities and teams spend lots of money trying to maintain and improve the state of their playing and practice fields, using expensive lawn services to re-seed, aerate, fertilize and otherwise maintain their hallowed athletic grounds. Fields must be rolled and ruts smoothed out to prevent injury to the players and further damage to the field.

In the interests of time, convenience, safety for your players, and simply getting the best field you can, consider using Heavenly Greens’ artificial grass on your sports field in the Silicon Valley (or even throughout the San Francisco Bay Area! We are the leading provider of synthetic turf throughout all of Northern California.). We provide the premier artificial turf used in the NFL, MLB, FIFA, colleges and high school sports fields worldwide.

Heavenly Greens’ artificial grass looks and feels like real grass, yet it is tough enough to withstand the severe beatings sports fields must take. Its fifteen to twenty year warranty ensures that your field stays smooth and luscious for a long time. Our synthetic grass has superior drainage to actual grass turf, preventing water from pooling on it. It dries faster than real grass, allowing you and your team to get back onto the field with minimal time wasted, and without causing damage to the field. Its even playing surface allows balls to roll faster, smoother and more predictably. A smooth surface also protects players from injury, without ruts for them to stumble upon.

Heavenly Greens is Northern California’s sole provider of FieldTurf. Check out all of the amazing cities and businesses we’ve had the pleasure of installing artificial turf in Northern California with. 

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