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Bocce for Your Next Corporate Outing

Bocce Ball courts for corporate eventsThe weather is slowly getting warmer in the San Francisco Bay Area, and now is the time that companies start looking for a fun outing for their employees or clients to enjoy – the summer company gathering. Typical ideas may include company barbecues, picnics, or baseball games.  

Why not consider trying a few rounds of bocce ball? A fun way to kick back and enjoy a common activity, bocce is a great idea for a company outing. Easy to catch on to and fun for folks of all skill levels, bocce is also a convenient activity to combine with food and drink. With the plethora of restaurants, bars and wineries in the Bay Area that sport bocce courts, you’re guaranteed to find a great venue for your company outing. And if bocce is a big hit for your crew—and it just might be! —, you might even think about installing bocce ball courts on your company’s campus with Heavenly Greens artificial turf!

When looking for spots to host your company bocce event, consider the kind of courts you’ll be playing on. You don’t want anyone to be nervous about getting messy or ruining nice work clothing and shoes. You’ll want to ensure the court is comfortable and attractive. If it’s earlier in the spring, you may want to think about finding a place with indoor rather than outdoor courts in case of inclement weather. Depending on the nature of the event, you should research the bocce venue options—is this event going to be as much about food as it is bocce? Is the focus really on tossing back a few drinks to relax while playing? Does the bocce event need to be more on the family-friendly side?

As you do your venue research, we recommend you ask about what kind of courts the restaurant, winery or bar has. Traditional courts are made of crushed oyster shells, sand or asphalt. We’re a little biased, but at Heavenly Greens, we sincerely think the best bocce court material is artificial grass. 

Heavenly Greens artificial turf bocce courts mimic the look and feel of real grass, just without the mess for players. No destroying your Manolo Blahniks or Ferragamos with mud, gravel or grass clippings. Our artificial grass technology is state-of-the-art, ensuring courts are durable enough for continuous play by large groups of people. Heavenly Greens artificial turf will not fade or get moldy, but stays lush and green year in and year out. Our quick drainage (http://www.heavenlygreens.com/about-heavenly-greens/superior-drainage) means your can play on courts even right after it rains because our turf dries quickly and is not slick when wet.  So make sure the bocce venue you track down has artificial turf for a playing experience that’s optimum fun for all! If you’re looking for places, read our blog about Where to Play Bocce Ball in San Francisco.

You may be considering investing in bocce courts to add a touch of leisurely fun to your company’s campus. With Heavenly Greens, our 15-20 year warranty gives you peace of mind that our installations and customer service will keep you satisfied and your courts looking great. Schedule your free appointment with our San Jose showroom today to find out more about Heavenly Greens artificial turf bocce courts, plus find out about our many other artificial turf options for home and commercial installation.

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