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Enjoying Shakespeare in the Park (and Grass, Bugs, Allergies, etc.)

no stains from playing on artificial grass!What are you doing this summer? If you live in Northern California, we really hope you’ve got some outdoor-centric activities on the calendar. With the gorgeous, temperate evenings and roasting hot days we enjoy here in the San Francisco Bay Area, the options for activities that are both fun and culturally enriching are endless. From Shakespeare in the Park to outdoor concerts to weekend getaways, it’s guaranteed there’s something fun you’d like to do outdoors.

There are a million fun activities to do during the summer that involve sitting, standing or lounging on grass lawns. If you suffer from a sensitivity to grass or worse, full-blown grass allergies, you may be dreading upcoming outdoor escapades more than anticipating them. To alleviate discomfort, plan ahead and pack things like picnic blankets and mats, lawn chairs, etc. Wear longer pants or skirts to protect sensitive skin from grass and weeds. Bring bug spray or, if they’re allowed, citronella candles.

Sometimes though, it’s simply too hot for long pants, or too tricky to bring your own seating. These are times when we’d encourage you to keep an eye out for venues that have artificial turf installations. Fake grass is not just for soccer fields anymore, folks– the higher quality artificial turf products on the market today not only look gorgeous for years, and even decades; they also feel soft and natural to the touch.

Here’s a novel idea: why not start installing artificial turf in places like the Shoreline Theater in San Jose or Sleep Train Pavilion in Concord? Rather than force ticket-holders on the lawn to deal with mud, bugs, allergies and more, these venues could ensure comfortable and pleasant experiences for their patrons by installing artificial turf lawn areas instead. A byproduct for them is that there is long-term savings on lawn care and water bills. Plus, cutting back on things like mower emissions, pesticides and insecticides means artificial turf is better for the environment in many ways!


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