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Kiddie Pools and Breaking Rules with Artificial Turf Lawns


a child on a kiddie pool and how artificial grass eliminates the problem of putting a kiddie pool on natural grass.Remember how much you loved your kiddie pool when you were little? Your own kids probably love their wading pool just as much. And if you have an artificial grass lawn, they can enjoy their pool even more than you did – and it’s less work for you.

Let’s Reminisce for a Moment

When I was a kid, as soon as the sun started shining warmer and the days grew longer, it was time for freeze pops, bare feet, and the seemingly gigantic blue plastic kiddie pool. Our dad would bring the pool out of storage, drag it out onto the lawn, and fill it to the brim from the garden hose. Then, my siblings and I would leap in and out of the cold water, screaming our hearts out. The dog would wag his way into the midst of it with his ball, and soon enough we’d all be splashing around, our fingers and toes turning pruney over a long afternoon well spent in the pool.

When our joyous pool time came to an end, Dad would heave up one side of the plastic pool up and dump the water out in a giant “sploosh.” There was something really sad about this moment. After all, the sun had finally warmed the water up to a tolerable temperature. And as we played, the pool had morphed into our own little kingdom ­– an aquatic fantasyland that transported us from the real world for a few hours. Sadly, our watery kingdom had to be destroyed for the sake of the lawn.

Yes, the lawn!

Kiddie Pools and Natural Grass are Natural Enemies

Dad didn’t want our plastic pool ruining his precious lawn by smooshing or shading the grass for too long. Live grass may seem tough, but it’s actually delicate. Any heavy object left on it for too long will cause brown dead spots because sunlight and fresh air cannot get to the grass. Grass needs sun and light in order to breathe. Especially in the heat of summer, the grass can literally get cooked. So not only did dear old Dad have to empty our pool every evening, he had to move it to a new spot the next day so the grass could recover.

Artificial Grass Is More Fun, and Safer Too

With artificial turf, you don't have to worry about the sensitivities of natural grass. The kids’ pool can't cook it after a day or two in the mid-summer heat. That means you can leave it place overnight or for several days. (Of course, you’ll want to empty and refill every few days, to keep it fresh and clean.) If the grass gets flattened a bit, you can fluff it back up with a broom. No big deal. No reason to curtail summer fun.

But there’s more. Artificial grass is non-toxic, and it doesn’t produce pollen. So even kids with allergies can play to their heart’s content without getting sick. Fake grass drains water away quickly and dries fast, too, no matter how far and wide your kids can splash. Plus, it’s not slippery when it gets wet, so Mom won’t be constantly worried about dangerous falls.

The top-of-the-line artificial grass we offer here at Heavenly Greens looks and feels like the real thing, but you can enjoy it 365 days a year. So let your kids have fun this summer! Break out the kiddie pool, the trampoline, the playhouse, and all the rest. Switching to artificial grass now can boost the summer fun quotient for your kids. And for you, too, because your new fake grass lawn will never need mowing and all that other maintenance folderol that sucks up your summer.

Maybe the kids will even let you spend some time in their pool!


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