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Save Water with Artificial Turf from Heavenly Greens

Posted by Troy Scott on 29 May

Summer is quickly approaching, which brings vacations, heat, and inevitably, a struggle to keep your lawn alive.

Watering is essential to keeping your lawn healthy, green and available to you and your family during the scorching days of summer. But with constant watering comes expenses – like the initial cost of installing a sprinkler system and adding a hefty charge to your monthly water bill.

Also, many states in the U.S. have begun implementing water restrictions during times of droughts, limiting homeowners to watering on some sort of schedule such as only watering on odd or even days or between certain times of day.

With record-breaking and unseasonably warm temperatures so far this spring, it seems as though summer will be just as unpredictable. And rather than reacting to the complications that weather brings to your lawn, why not take the opportunity to act by contacting Heavenly Greens?

Heavenly Greens offers artificial lawn installation, providing synthetic lawn grass for you and your family to enjoy throughout the whole summer. The fake lawn grass saves you time and energy, as well as the hassle with jumping through hoops with water restrictions during rough patches of dry weather. Your artificial lawn will also keep you from worrying with sprinklers and water maintenance, and it will always be green, even in July and August. Contact Heavenly Greens for a quote today on synthetic turf for your home.

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Save Water with artificial turf from Heavenly Greens

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