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A Golfer’s Dream - Artificial Putting Greens in Your Backyard

With warm weather beginning for the season, are you looking for a way to improve your golf game, bond with your son, or entertain at parties? Putting greens in your backyard are a good option for those looking for a nice addition to their home. 

As most golfers know, putting greens are finely cared for, cut short and smooth, which is not only difficult but time consuming with natural grass. And, putting in your own backyard on real grass isn’t the best practice with the dips, holes and weeds to block your way.

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Golf enthusiasts are committed to the game and look for any way to improve their score on the course, and artificial grass putting greens are a way for you to get your golf game up to par. Artificial putting greens provide a smooth, straight line to the hole that is impossible to achieve on real grass.

A backyard artificial putting green can provide:

  • Endless entertainment for your family and friends
  • Increased home value
  • More opportunities for practice
  • Improved golf game
  • Saving money over time from less practice at the golf course

Heavenly Greens provides synthetic turf putting greens tailored to your needs and playing style, providing the perfect golfing experience literally in your backyard. These synthetic putting greens are available in two styles and the green speed can be accommodated to match your playing style.

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If you’re looking to step up your game, artificial turf putting greens provide the accessibility to practice and enjoy your hobby as much as you’d like. And that extra practice can keep you calm, cool, and collected at an important moment in a serious game with your golfing buddies.

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Synthetic grass putting green for home putting greens

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