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Artificial Grass Means No Unwanted Critters

Posted by Troy Scott on 12 June

Heavenly Greens, the best of artificial grass companiesYou know how it goes. You’ve worked all weekend on getting your lawn spruced up when you notice multiple holes in your freshly manicured yard. This could only mean one thing – gophers.

Or maybe you notice some thinned areas of grass in certain spots, and you see some rabbits scurrying off as you get closer. They’re cute, but they sure can ruin a lawn.

And then there’s the insects that can infest your backyard, come into your home from the outside or sting and bite while you’re spending time outdoors.

While all these may seem like minor problems, they can turn into pesky issues and be a little overwhelming to resolve.

If you’re having major problems at your home with critters like this, why not look for another solution like synthetic grass?

Heavenly Greens is an artificial lawn company than can help with issues that arise with natural grass. With synthetic turf, you don’t have to worry about gophers creating holes because they can’t burrow through it. Rabbits are less likely to eat fake grass, and bugs and insects are less likely to create homes there, too. So not only are there less bugs and insects in your territory, but you also don’t have to use pesticides anymore, making your lawn even safer to enjoy.

Heavenly Greens provides affordable artificial grass prices that are guaranteed to last. And with Heavenly Greens' synthetic turf products, your lawn will be more low maintenance and less critter-friendly for the future.

For free quote fast, call the staff at Heavenly Greens today at 888-254-5503.

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