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Pet Clean Up A Mess? It's 2021. Try Artificial Grass.


Pet Clean Up Is A Mess; Try Fake Grass Instead http://www.heavenlygreens.com/artificial-grass-blog/bid/158949/pet-clean-up-is-a-mess-try-fake-grass-instead @heavenlygreensRemember that old stereotype: neighborhood crank yelling at the kids to “stay off my lawn!”

We laugh about that, but there’s some truth behind the chuckles. Natural grass is difficult and expensive to grow and also easily ruined by both foot traffic and paw traffic.

In fact, dogs and cats "doing their thing" on natural grass will turn all that green to brown in no time. That’s one of the many reasons why investing in artificial grass makes all the sense in the world. Even if you’re not concerned about stray animals trespassing on your lawn and yard, if you have pets of your own, you probably want to do what’s best for them while minimizing cleanup for yourself.

Faux grass is the answer on both accounts. Let’s find out why!

Pet waste is hazardous

Clearly, no one wants to be near the sight or smell of pet waste. And it is a health hazard. Did you know animal feces typically contains E. coli, Giardia, and Salmonella, as well as parasites like hookworms and roundworms? That’s just nasty!

Urine, in particular, kills grass, leaving ugly yellow patches. Those dead patches can turn into muddy debris when it rains, not to mention every time you water your lawn. What a mess!

Protecting your natural law investment

One of the reasons you invest in a nicely landscaped lawn and yard is because it adds value to your property. But every time live grass is ruined by pets it means having to spend more money to repair the damage and protect your investment.

Artificial grass is your best friend in this department. It won’t fade or stain from dog urine or feces, and it’s easy to clean, too. With our Heavenly Greens MaxxFlow system, artificial grass actually drains more efficiently than natural grass. Urine, rain, or other liquids drain right through. Pet clean-up is simply a matter of a quick pick-up, if needed, and an equally quick rinse with the hose. No muss, no fuss, just that consistently gorgeous grass, ready for more play.

Cats and dogs have also been known to dig, and cats are just as likely to chew the grass.

Happily, homeowners with artificial grass never have to worry about these issues, because dogs and cats cannot damage fake grass. It is constructed to prevent penetration by sharp claws. Pets cannot (and don’t want to) chew it. No matter how industrious your pet is, or how much she runs around on the grass, it will not develop holes or bare spots.

Of course, if your dear dog is foiled from digging up your artificial lawn, she may still target other areas around your yard. There are ingenious ways you can put a stop to that, too. You just have to use a little doggie psychology.

In addition to jettisoning the worry over threats to living grass, going with artificial grass doesn’t require any of the expensive fertilizer, insecticides, and weed-killers needed to maintain real grass. By the way, when it rains, some of those chemicals are washed into streams and lakes and make their way into the San Francisco Bay. That’s one of several reasons why going with artificial grass helps property owners become more environmentally responsible.

Not only does synthetic grass save you money, but something even more valuable. You won’t have to devote hours of your free time to keeping your faux grass looking good like you need to with natural grass because it requires minimal maintenance. For most people, saving that time for leisure and other things is priceless.

Pets love it – and you will, too!

Pets love to run and play and just snooze in the sun, or under a shade tree. Did you know pets love faux grass? Also, faux grass won’t expose them to dangerous fungi and annoying allergens. Keeping your fake grass clean after any pollen or dirt has deposited on it is easy. You just give it a quick raking or sweeping and a spritz with the hose!

Another benefit you want to be aware of is no more having to clean up after your pet – or your

kids – inside your home. Unlike living grass, artificial grass won’t create muddy paws or shoes to track along on your just-cleaned floors, carpets, and rugs.

Besides not being vulnerable to pet waste, artificial grass holds every advantage over the real thing. It saves you time and money, doesn’t harm the environment, and many years later, it looks as lovely as the day it was installed.


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