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Easy to Clean Synthetic Grass Saves You Money

When many of us think of synthetic grass, our minds go straight to football, soccer, and golf. Yes, these are the most common areas you can find synthetic grass, but have you ever considered how your neighbor maintains their perfect lawns in the time of a drought. With appearance meaning everything, it is very important for your grass to look fresh and green and newly cut - and synthetic turf can do just that!

Artificial grass lawns have now been improved so much that they are being installed in neighborhoods just like the one you live in. After deciding that you are ready to do a little research about artificial grass and how it can improve your house, it is also good to learn how simple it is to maintain your synthetic lawn. Following the simple steps below your synthetic lawn will be well maintained and last its lifetime.

Simple Steps for Synthetic Lawn Maintenance:

  1. Check and see if there is excess water. Walk around the yard and look for areas that hold excess water.
  2. Remove any excess, if found. You can remove this excess water with a standard handheld water pump, compressing the turf to squeeze the water out and collect it.
  3. Sweep. Sweep the artificial turf with a broom or dust mop, press firmly and apply pressure.
  4. Pressure wash. If it has been a while since you got around to cleaning your turf, you can easily just pressure wash it. Pressure washing will help remove any stain or materials stuck to the turf.
  5. Schedule a regular time to check on your synthetic grass lawn. Although it may not need much care, you want to check on it and maintain it by cleaning it regularly, once a month or so.

With your purchase of a synthetic lawn you will be saving thousands of dollars in maintenance costs and time.

Easy clean synthetic grass, saves you money

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