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Go Pet-Friendly with Pet Grass from Heavenly Greens

Posted by Troy Scott on 19 April

Let’s face it – your pets are part of your family.

But sometimes, your pets can, well, go to war with your outside areas. Whether they’re digging up flowerbeds, running dead spots through their favorite parts of your yards, tracking mud into your house or creating messy areas of mud and dirt, your lawn and your pets can battle it out often – and usually the pets will win.

There is a way that both can with, though, if you make the right choice. For pet owners, the choice is Heavenly Greens.

Heavenly Greens landscaping solutions are available for homeowners in the San Francisco Bay area who are looking to create a nice, healthy-looking yet pet-friendly space in your yard. You see, Heavenly Greens offers synthetic turf installation that looks and feels like the real thing. Your pets won’t notice a difference when they’re playing outside, but you will – because it’s less work, less time-consuming and less of a headache than natural grass.

Pets will enjoy the synthetic lawn grass because it’s soft, comfortable and plush to the touch. It’s safe for pets, too – there are no scary chemicals (no toxic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers) associated with Heavenly Greens. Artificial turf is durable for your pets. Digging holes or killing patches of grass is not an option because of Heavenly Greens technology to provide long-lasting synthetic lawns. And Heavenly Greens fake turf contains superior draining capabilities so your pets won’t track mud, wet or grass clippings into the house.

Don’t continue the lawn versus pet battle. Make the easy, safe, efficient and effective choice for you and your beloved pets. Call Heavenly Greens today for a customized quote just for you, and get ready for dog grass that is pet-friendly.

Call to find out how much you and your pet will enjoy synthetic dog grass.

Call today to 888-254-5503.

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