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More Fun Less Mud

Children having fun n the mudWhat is it with kids and mud? They seem to magnetically attract it. They deliberately seek it out. They make their own, if they can’t find any. Remember mud pies and stomping in puddles? Big fun, but an even bigger mess. And even the most tolerant mom gets perturbed when all that mud makes its way into the house, as it inevitably does.

Even more frustrating is the fact that your lawn is a big part of the problem. Even the best mower leaves behind some clippings and chopped-up debris. Inevitable dead patches turn into mud when play time grinds down the grass. Rain and other moisture puddles up.

Got a dog? Then you’ve got even bigger problems with mud and other mess. Because while your kids have just two feet each, the dog has four. And his fur is even better at collecting unwanted debris than your kid’s jeans, especially after he has enjoyed digging a few holes in the grass.

Mud creates dirty clothes and even dirtier floors and furniture. That means someone (probably not your kids, and certainly not the dog) must spend more time cleaning the house and doing the laundry. We’re guessing you’d rather be doing something else.

May We Recommend Artificial Grass?

By ditching your natural grass lawn and replacing it with artificial grass, you can let your kids be kids and still get what you want, too – less mud and mess. Everyone’s a winner. Artificial grass doesn’t grow, so it never turns yellow or dies in blotchy patches, leaving you with mud and debris. Even if you set the kids’ wading pool on the grass in summer. Or your holiday decorations on it in December.

Even if your dog does his thing. If he potties, fake grass is a breeze to rinse. If he’s a digger, he’ll be out of luck, because Heavenly Greens artificial grass is dig-proof. (Sorry, Fido.)

Thanks to modern technology and our professional installation, artificial grass stays cleaner and drier than natural grass, so it’s already ready for fun. We use rubber or other specialized infill products, so there is no soil to become dusty or muddy. Water drains quickly, leaving no puddles or sogginess.

Artificial Grass Delivers More than Just Less Mud

Naturally, it’s prettier than natural grass. It looks perfect the day it’s installed, and it keeps on looking perfect for years to come. Just the right color. Just the right height. Just as fluffy as real grass, but safer and even more comfortable to play on. Now we’re talking.

There’s hardly any work to do. No mowing and all that other stuff homeowners have to do to maintain a natural grass lawn. You save countless hours of time, not to mention countless dollars spent on equipment, supplies, and – ouch – water. A quick rinse now and then, a light raking or sweep of the blower when leaves fall, or a little re-fluffing with a broom, and your grass is instantly restored to its state of perfection.

As a homeowner, we know you’re concerned about more than mud. So let’s also note that artificial grass is environmentally-friendly. No toxic materials are used in making it. And, since lawn care becomes a thing of the past, you can stop using all those questionable harmful chemicals and conserve thousands upon thousands of gallons of water. Pat yourself on the back for making such a sustainable move!

Stop Grinding Your Teeth and Cleaning, Cleaning, Cleaning

Switching to synthetic grass means less mud. And that means less work, inside the house or maintaining the yard. The best part? Artificial grass is always accessible – up for whatever fun you have in mind, in any season. And, not just fun, but good, clean fun.

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