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Backyard Fun for the Whole Family, A Synthetic Grass Lawn

Posted by Troy Scott on 27 June

A yard is important for family time. Whether you're playing tag, tossing a baseball, riding your bike or having a picnic, a comfortable, clean, accessible lawn is important for family activities at home. You want your yard to be welcoming and enjoyable. The best way to ensure that is by installing Heavenly Greens.

Heavenly Greens offers landscaping solutions customized just for you and your needs as a homeowner. It is the best option for synthetic grass in the Bay area. With Heavenly Greens, you'll have an artificial lawn grass that is fun for everyone - your children, your pets and you.

Heavenly Greens fake grass is:

  • Always green and healthy-looking.
  • Soft, comfortable and plush to the touch.
  • Always available and accessible for play or partying
  • Free of standing water, puddles or mud because of fast drainage.
  • Low maintenance. No cutting, trimming or treating.
  • Safe for pets and children.
  • Allergen-free.
  • With few bugs or insects.
  • Clean. No dirt or mud tracked into your home.
  • The most beautiful lawn around.

Download Our Free Guide: Designing with Artificial Turf

A welcoming and enjoyable yard can be achieved easily by installing artificial grass. Don't wait for the perfect lawn any longer - call Heavenly Greens for a free quote on synthetic grass installation at your home. Your family will love artificial turf - and you will, too

Get more backyard fun, call Heavenly Greens at 888-254-5503.

Backyard synthetic turf lawn

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