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Innovative New Uses For Artificial Turf You’ve Never Thought Of

artificial turfArtificial turf has been used for years in stadiums and parks where grass must remain ingood condition and green at all times. With the ever-increasing need for water conservation, many homeowners are choosing synthetic grass for their do-it-yourself projects. A few of the benefits of artificial grass are:

  • No watering

  • No weeding

  • No mowing

  • No dirt

  • Always green

It is extremely versatile and has proven itself to be useful in a variety of capacities other than just making your lawn look amazing.

Easy to Clean Dog Run

A fenced in dog run allows your pet to run free without the worry of them taking off across the yard after squirrels or the neighborhood kids. Using artificial turf gives them the feel of natural grass and you the benefit of not having to drag the lawnmower through a tight enclosure when it comes time to cut the grass. There are specific products with engineered to help with pet eliminating and drainage (Maxflow backing) that can dramatically improve the build up of odors over time. All turf for pets will need to be treated as part of regular maintenance. 

Pathways thru Landscaping

Artificial turf can be cut in almost any fashion to create a unique pathway through landscaped areas. It adds a beautiful touch of green in flower beds and rock gardens without the hassle of maintaining it on a regular basis. Manufactured grass is easily cut and shaped and will fit in almost any type of enclosure. It requires little to no maintenance and can remain in place for years. It also comes in different shades of green which will enhance the area's look.

Create Lawn Art

Artificial grass comes in many colors and textures. It is extremely versatile when it comes to placement and location. It is easy cut, shaped and formed and can be used in conjunction with other landscaping materials to make a one of a kind backyard masterpiece. Designs can be placed right in the grass without fear of damaging or disturbing the existing landscape. Artificial turf can be used to designate boundaries between play and patio areas. The artistic possibilities are endless if you have the desire to create a unique lawn that represents your particular style.

Line or Wrap Items

Because of its versatility, manufactured grass can be used in almost any capacity. It can be used to line lawn chairs, bar stools, flip flops or patio floors. You can wrap planters or make lawn sculptures of almost any size or shape. Use your creativity to turn almost anything in your backyard into a grass covered paradise. Going overboard can make you look a little eccentric, but when used in moderation offers you the opportunity to be both unique and stylish.

Create an Indoor Playground

Using artificial turf on your porch or patio floor brings the outdoors inside and allows you to create an extended play area all year round. Create an indoor putting green or croquet pattern for hours of indoor fun and games. When it rains (or should we say, we hope it rains) artificial turf dries very fast giving you the opportunity to resume play much faster then real grass.

Manufactured grass can be used for any number of things, both inside and outside of the home. Your creativity and imagination are the only limits you have. With a little ingenuity, you can turn your backyard (or your basement) into a garden oasis that requires little maintenance and offers hours of enjoyment.

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