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Why Synthetic Turf is Perfect for the Extreme Weather in California

synthetic turfSynthetic turf is becoming increasingly popular in areas where extreme temperatures can have a devastating effect on lawns and landscaping. California is no exception. The drought conditions the state often endures leads to water shortages that prohibit proper lawn maintenance. Legislation has been passed that allows local governments the freedom to levy hefty fines and fees (as high as $500) against residents who are caught wasting water. Washing cars and watering lawns are considered luxuries and can cost homeowners large amounts of money. The installation of artificial turf can eliminate one of those problems. Learn other tips to help reduce water consuption during the California drought

Saves on Water Usage

Synthetic turf is a low maintenance alternative to natural grass. It has a variety of uses and takes a fraction of the time to maintain when compared to a lawn of natural grass. There is no need to mow, trim or reseed thinning areas. Learn more about the hidden costs of natural grass! When it comes to water, sprinkler systems also become a thing of the past. The only plants that need water are those that are planted within the landscaped areas of the yard, such as flower-beds or rock gardens.

Before artificial turf is installed, the ground must be thoroughly prepared. The surface of the lawn is rolled and smoothed to prevent dips and valleys that allow water to accumulate when a hard rain is received. Often times, Heavenly Greens will install the product with crown to prevent this type of situation.

Once the ground is smoothed out, a layer of base rock, typically 3-4" is laid. This serves two purposes. First, it gives the area a natural drainage system by providing a permeable base. Secondly, the turf is rolled out over the top of the base, stretched, seamed and secured. The final step involves adding a layer of infill. This layer is either a combination of sand & rubber or just sand.


Environmentally Friendly

Not only does synthetic turf eliminate the unnecessary use of the state's diminishing water supply, it also helps to prevent groundwater contamination. Because there is no growth expectations and minimal weeds to control. As a result, significantly less fertilizers or herbicides are used in order to keep the lawn looking vibrant and green.

Synthetic lawns have environmental benefits that many people forget to consider:

  • No harsh fertilizers that can run off into lakes, streams and rivers

  • No toxic herbicides that can end up in ground water

  • Eliminates the need to water the lawn on a regular basis

  • Prevents erosion

Artificial turf helps protect the environment, which is one benefit many people in California take to heart. With the extreme temperatures the state faces and the restrictions on water usage, homeowners look for any way possible to be able to maintain their lawn without causing irreparable damage to the environment or incurring high fines and fees put in place by the state.

Synthetic turf's design and the materials with which its made provide the maximum benefit for the cost of the product. To some homeowners, it may seem overly expensive, but when the price is divided up over the life span of the turf, the overall price becomes much more reasonable. When the cost of maintaining a natural grass lawn is added into the equation, the price looks even better. Adding the environmental benefits and water saving properties, it becomes a valuable asset that homeowners should seriously consider.


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