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Heavenly Greens Offers a Maintenance Package

Although the synthetic turf from Heavenly Greens is very durable and of the highest quality, there is no escaping the physical properties of plastics. That is a fancy way of saying, artificial grass is plastic and will become matted down over time in the areas that are walked on more often than others. General traffic-related matting is a natural by-product of use. Unfortunately, matted areas are a particular challenge once they flatten as there is no real way to bring the blades back to original form. Even with these inherent issues, the long-term benefits of having an artificial lawn still outweigh the costs and burden of having a real lawn to water, mow, and fertilize.

Tired of your turf looking like this? 

Heavenly Greens can help it look like this again!




Common Turf Problems We Can Address


Synthetic turf is made from plastic, which will melt if there is accelerated heat applied. This being said, there are a few thing that a homeowner should watch out for:

  • Low-E windows: if the angles are right and it lines up with the turf, they CAN melt the turf with their reflections.

  • Any type of hot blower or equipment that gets close enough to the turf can melt the fibers and damage the turf. 


With the California drought in effect, there is more and more settling that starts to happen under synthetic turf. This happens for a variety of reasons: the main one being that because the ground is so dry, all of the root structures of old plants and trees start to decay and rot out. In turn, soil around the root or plant fills the void that the root creates and the base rock under our turf follows suit. This creates the conditions that make the turf look indented and bumpy. 


There are many things that can take root on top and under your Heavenly Greens turf. Although the backing of our turf is essentially stronger than any weed barrier on the market, weeds can take root on top of the turf and start to grow inside the infill.

    Because our backing is so strong, the weeds are not able to penetrate it. Simple solutions such as pulling the weeds along with their roots are easy fixes to this problem. Customers can also spray Round-Up or vinegar onto the roots if they do not come out. 


As with a normal lawn, roots from surrounding trees can sometimes make it so that the turf starts to become bumpy. Most of our customers think this gives the grass a more natural look, but there are some customers who can do without them. In that case, Heavenly Greens has trained technicians that can help in cutting and removing the roots. Please note that having an arborist come out and address the roots is recommended, as our staff only specialize in synthetic turf. Call today, to set up an appointment with our servicing staff for all of your maintenance needs.


Mushrooms are a little more uncommon than roots or weeds, but they are still possible. Usually, mushrooms form in damp areas between the base rock and the turf that get sun for a small portion of the day, yet enough to to keep the turf warm. A simple fix to this sort of thing is pouring white distilled vinegar over the area to introduce a little acidity to the mushroom. Most of the time this does the trick. Our customers always have the option to hire our repair techs to address this, but most of the time simple household solutions solve the problem. 



Let’s face it, accidents happen all of the time, turf is no magical exception. Whether you burned a hole in your turf or someone came by and pulled up your turf. We have the skills and expertise needed to meet all of your needs.

Our Packages

Standard Maintenance Package: Starts at $225.00 (1,000 sq.ft. max)

  • Power brushing 

  • Debris removal 

  • Infill leveling 

Supreme Maintenance Package: Starts at $325.00 (1,200 sq.ft. max)

  • Power brushing 

  • Debris removal 

  • Infill inspection (And adding)

  • Infill leveling 

  • Edging inspection (Includes fixing mild issues)

The Supreme Package is for the average homeowner that has had their turf for a little while and nature has taken a little bit of a toll on the appearance of the lawn and its elements.


Platinum “PPG” Maintenance Package: Starting at $425.00 (2,000 sq.ft. max)

The Platinum PPG Package is for the average putting green installed in a homeowner's back yard. Although these applications are meant to be virtually maintenance free, there are a few things that need to be addressed over the years.

  • Power brushing of turf and putting green fringe

  • Service top putting material

  • Debris removal 

  • Infill inspection

  • Infill leveling 

  • Edging inspection

  • Rolling of the putting material to increase or decrease ball speed (Only with “Professional” PPG materials)

Moss Removal Package: Starting at $669.99 (200 sq.ft. affected area)

  • Brush out moss that can grow in synthetic turf

  • Moss must be brown and dry to perform work

  • Can be added additionally to any maintenance package that we offer



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