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10 Reasons Why Artificial Turf Is Good For Children And Pets


10 Reasons Why Artificial Turf Is Good For Children And Pets http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/10-reasons-artificial-turf-is-good-children-pets @heavenlygreensSwitching to artificial grass makes so much sense. After all, who really wants to spend unending time and money, year after year, trying to create and maintain a beautiful lawn? Artificial turf is good for many things. It improves your attitude, your home’s appearance and its future value. Artificial turf is good for children and pets, too.


Here are 10 reasons why fake grass is good for your kids and pets:


1. No built-in allergens

If your kids or pets are allergic to natural grass, fake is definitely a plus. But artificial turf also minimizes common allergens such as mold and mildew, whose growth is promoted by damp, poor-draining natural grass.


2. No built-in toxins

Artificial turf contains no toxic ingredients. And there’s no need to apply harmful chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizers.


3. Fun and comfy for play

Faux grass is uniformly soft and fluffy, even better than natural grass. And it’s even safer, if you choose Heavenly Greens’ FallSoft turf system for underneath your kids’ play structure.


4. Dogs get special attention, too

We also carry specialized artificial grass products designed just for dogs.


5. You can add a bocce or croquet court

There’s no shortage of fun things to do on the lawn, but kids of all ages love competitive games like croquet and bocce, too. Artificial grass courts are a welcome addition to any backyard (yes, the adults can play, too). You might even encourage your teens and their friends to spend more time at your house instead of at the mall.


6. It’s not slippery when wet

Top quality artificial grass, combined with the proper installation techniques, provides a quick-draining and quick-drying surface. That gives your backyard more “uptime” for play. Conditions are safer in other ways, too, because fake grass never develops ankle-twisting dog holes or “sink holes” that come from settling.


7. It’s tough as nails

But, thankfully, a heck of a lot softer and prettier! Kids and pets are notoriously hard on natural grass. Scuffed-up bare patches, dead patches from dog urine, the afore-mentioned holes some dogs love to dig. It’s easy to wind up with a lawn that looks a mess and is no fun to play on. What’s the point? Faux turf can stand up to virtually anything, even your family. And it will still be looking good even after your kids have grown up and (you hope) moved out.


8. No indoor mess, either

All that damage your kids and pets do to natural grass winds up creating more housework as well as yard work. Mud, grass clippings and other debris get tracked indoors on shoes and paws. It’s annoying to be sure, but reprimanding the offenders won’t solve the problem because it’s not really their fault. Artificial grass makes everyone’s life happier.


9. It “grows” anywhere

One of the main reasons homeowners want a nice, grassy yard is so their two-legged or four-legged family members have somewhere to relax and frolic. But many yards aren’t conducive to growing and maintaining natural grass. They’re a weird shape, or they’re too shady, or the soil is too acidic. Artificial turf allows you to have beautiful and beautifully functional grass wherever you want it. Bring it on!


10. Artificial grass promotes family harmony

Once you’ve made the switch, you’ll never have to argue with your kids again about whose turn it is to mow and edge the lawn. Ahhhhh. Peace and quiet on the home front at last.


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