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3 Unique Ways To Designing Your Yard With Artificial Turf


3-Unique-Ways-Designing-Yard-With-Art-Turf.jpgImagine waking up on a Saturday morning to enjoy your favorite beverage outside in your own lush backyard. Now see yourself relaxing and enjoying time with the family without worrying about pests, mowing, or constant watering. Sound too much like a fantasy? Actually, this could become your reality with artificial turf, which isn't just for sports fields anymore. In fact, more and more homeowners are opting to have artificial grass installed when designing their lawns.


The newest generation of manufactured grass looks and feels like natural grass. The benefits of artificial grass make it well worth any additional costs that you may incur installing it. A few of the most common reasons for choosing artificial turf include:

  • Virtually maintenance free – There’s no mowing, trimming or fertilizing needed to keep it looking great
  • Cuts down on water use – Artificial turf does not need to be watered on a regular basis
  • Long-lasting beauty – Fake grass will not show brown patches or discolorations from pet stains or play
  • Extremely durable in high traffic areas – No more worry about replanting worn areas of the yard
  • Wide variety of grass styles and colors - Comes in different shades and textures to accommodate different purposes

Every homeowner has his own idea as to how he wants his home and lawn to look. This is all part of the American dream. Using artificial grass allows every homeowner the ability to create the perfect landscape that will not fade or require long hours of upkeep and maintenance. Here are some top ideas for designing a yard with artificial turf you may be considering:


Landscaping Designs

Designs for any landscape can be created by using different shades and textures of artificial turf. Lawns can be laid-out for high traffic or for appearance only. Many homeowners think of their lawns as an important part of the curb appeal of their home. They may design flower beds and use specific landscaping techniques to enhance certain features of their home. A well-manicured lawn improves the value of any property.


Paths and walkways can be created which eliminate the need for cement sidewalks. Artificial grass can also be used to fill in areas around bushes and shrubs that prevent weeds from growing near them. It also works well in densely shaded areas, specifically under trees and canopies where little sunlight can cause natural grass to turn brown or fade. One of the best uses of artificial grass is in areas that get poor drainage, or in regions where soil conditions make it impossible to maintain a lush, green lawn.


Dog Runs

In your lawn design, consider how artificial grass can help you maintain a great-looking lawn if you have pets. Pet owners often prefer artificial turf to natural grass for several reasons. Dogs are extremely hard on lawns. They can dig holes and their waste can cause clumps of thick growth or large discolored patches to appear on natural lawns. These problems are eliminated when artificial grass is used to design a lawn. Manufactured grass offers many benefits homeowners rely on.


One of the most popular reasons for installing manufactured grass is that it does not wear easily. Dogs and children can run through the yard constantly without making trails and paths or damaging the grass. Artificial turf is much harder for a dog or cat to dig up. There is also less discoloration in areas where animals consistently tend to go to the bathroom.


Recreational Areas

If you are lucky enough to have an extremely large lawn you can turn designated portions of it into recreational areas, such as:

  • Picnic areas – Sections can be created complete with a gazebo or pavilion to enjoy a full outdoor dining space.
  • Tennis courts (or other types of athletic field) - Can be built so friends and family can practice their favorite sports on a stable surface.
  • Playgrounds - Make a safe area at home that’s ideal for your children and grandchildren to play.
  • Putting greens– Wonderful for avid golfers who want to be able to keep improving their putting skills without all the fees.
  • Pools and spas – Surround your new swimming pool or spa with an attractive artificial turf look, in sections between stones and concrete.

You can design your yard to be your very own personal playground. Using artificial turf allows you the privilege of enjoying your favorite pastimes whenever you choose, without having to constantly repair or replace large areas of natural grass. In terms of costs and upkeep, no watering or trimming is needed to maintain artificial grass and it holds up extremely well under almost any type of activity. As compared to yards, where grass diseases and pests tend to take over, your family and friends will be safer because you don’t have to use any harmful chemicals. 


The use of artificial turf allows you to design the type of lawn you will not only be proud of but will be able to use for all sorts of activity. From entertaining guests to putting on a lazy, Sunday afternoon, the options are endless when it comes to creating a multi-purpose, easy to maintain lawn. Artificial turf provides you with a beautiful showcase lawn that not only increases the value of your home but improves your quality of life as well.

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