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5 Fun Ways to Spend Your Money Now That You Have Artificial Grass


Family enjoying the saved money on a staycation now that they have artficial grassAren’t you glad you ditched your natural grass lawn for artificial grass? You’re reaping benefits right and left. While the pundits bemoan our society’s “time poverty,” you have time to do what you want instead of mowing and all that other lawn care stuff. You’re saving money, too, instead of buying endless supplies and extravagant amounts of water.


With all that recaptured time and all those new-found funds, you can finally do something fun. Here are five ideas to consider:

1. Take a “Fire and Ice” Vacation

It’s all the rage, says Travel + Leisure – “climate-hopping is replacing island hopping and trending strong amongst savvy travelers looking to make the most of their vacation days.” No more squabbling about whether you should hit the slopes or the beach, just do both. Split your time between Montreal and Bermuda, or visit one country where you can enjoy two different climates and their respective activities in a single trip. Iceland, Patagonia, and New Zealand are good examples of “fire and ice” destinations.

2. Get to Know Your Backyard

Not the one behind your house! We live just down the road from one of the world’s most alluring tourist destinations. Backyard tourism is still a hot trend, so maybe it’s time you spent some time and money on a little staycation in the City by the Bay.

  • Head to the Embarcadero and feast your way through the myriad eateries (and breweries and bars) that now reside within the historic Ferry Building.
  • Explore the Exploratorium, the ultimate in hands-on entertainment – at night. (Yes, it will be D-A-R-K inside the Tactile Dome.)
  • Hike the Lands End Trail that runs between Lincoln Park and the Sutro District, to take in only-in-SFO views of the Golden Gate Bridge, the beach, and the Marin headlands. (On a separate note, did you know that you can walk all the way across the Golden Gate Bridge?)
  • Check out Chinatown, not for the trinkets but to watch how fortune cookies are made at the aptly-named Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory. You can munch on a few samples, but do plan to dine in one of the neighborhoods amazing restaurants, too.
  • Find your Zen at the Japanese Tea Garden.

3. Take up Bocce . . . Everyone Else Has

Bocce ball has soared in popularity in recent years because it’s fun for the whole family. And you don’t have to live in a venerable Italian neighborhood to play. Thanks to artificial grass, you can install your very own bocce court. You’re re-investing your savings in upgrading the value (and fun quotient) of your property. That’s pretty smart.

4. Equip Yourself

Buy new bikes for the entire family (don’t forget the helmets and stylish apparel). Buy a sailboat and take sailing lessons. Buy a car full of camping gear and make a plan to visit every one of California’s State and National Parks.

5. Do Nothing

When was the last time you did nothing at all? There is no rule that says you must be productive every waking minute. Doing nothing costs nothing, so save your money and stay home. Read a book. Take a nap on that soft, inviting artificial grass. Float in the pool till you turn all pruney.

What matters most isn’t what you choose to do with the time and money you save, but the fact that you have choices, now that you have artificial grass.


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