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5 Reasons Why Artificial Grass is a Smart Investment

5 Reasons Why Artificial Grass is a Smart Investment http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/5-reasons-why-artificial-grass-is-a-smart-investment @heavenlygreensMany homeowners are realizing that installing artificial grass is a smart investment. Not only does artificial turf have viable environmental benefits, the financial perks make it extremely cost efficient. Most home improvements are considered to be an investment. Purchasing artificial grass is no different. It may be considered expensive when you first purchase it. When you divide up the cost of the turf over the years that it will remain in place, the price per year is much more reasonable.

No Maintenance Costs

When it comes to maintenance costs, artificial turf can dramatically reduce the amount of money required to operate lawn equipment and the man-hours that are spent each week. The size of the lawn will determine how much gasoline and oil will be needed to mow and trim the property. For a larger lawn, most homeowners will invest in a lawn or garden tractor with a wide deck to reduce the amount of time it takes to keep the area neatly mowed. Smaller lawns use less gas and oil, but take up a larger amount of time due to the fact that push mowing goes much slower than using a tractor.

Cost Effective

Artificial grass is cost effective in many ways. Not only can the original cost of the turf be divided up over the number of years, the lawn will remain in place, the cost of fertilizer, pesticides and herbicides will be minimal. Over the years, parts of a natural grass lawn will need to be reseeded due to either extremely dry conditions or excessive patterning caused by high volumes of foot traffic. Reseeding can be expensive especially if it must be performed on a regular basis.

Increases the Property's Value

Because of the original cost and the lack of money required for maintenance, installing artificial grass can increase the property's overall value. If you are planning to sell your home, having artificial grass installed can increase the sale price as well as the value of the property if you choose to refinance. Even if the artificial turf has been in place several years, the value it adds to the property is substantial and will continue to increase year after year.

Enhances Curb Appeal

Artificial turf enhances curb appeal and improves the appearance of the home. Synthetic lawns remain constant in color, texture and height. The materials do not fade or discolor. The turf can be removed in sections to allow for landscaping to be added. Prospective buyers can view your home and lawn from the street and get an accurate view of what the property will look like at all times, no matter what season of the year.

Aids With Compliance of State Water Usage Restrictions

In areas where drought conditions are prevalent, installing artificial turf eliminates the need for irrigation and reduces the amount of water used to keep up the lawn. An average size lawn is approximately 800 square feet. That size of lawn can take up to 150,000 gallons of water per year to remain green and vibrant. With homeowner associations requiring residents to keep their lawns looking their absolute best at all times, installing artificial turf allows a person to remain in compliance with HOA guidelines as well as abide by the state's mandatory water usage restriction legislation. Being able to accomplish both is plus and eliminates unnecessary fees and costs associated with violations.

As far as being a smart investment, artificial turf allows homeowners to remain in good standing with their neighbors as well as the local government. They are able to help protect the environment while still maintaining their own property and above all, they protect the financial investment they first made when purchasing the home.New Call-to-action

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