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5 Signs It’s Time To Install An Indoor Putting Green

Posted by Troy Scott on 21 November

5_signs_it’s_time_to_install_an_indoor_putting_green-1There comes a time when installing your own putting green is the sensible thing to do. With the cost of gas and the ever increasing costs at many golf courses and resorts, installing your very own putting green can be cost effective. A small putting green installed and can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, over the course of its lifetime when you add up all the extra fee's.

Expensive Fees and Rentals

If you are serious about perfecting your putting skills, you will be spending a good amount of time at the golf course. That means applying for membership to the country club or golf course. It also includes green fees and golf cart rentals if you plan on playing either 9- or 18- holes. Some of the fees can be bypassed if you only plan on visiting the driving range or putting green. Unless you plan on playing a full round of golf, visiting the golf course two or three times a week may not be worth the additional expense.

Eliminate Travel Time

Depending on how far away you drive from your local golf course, travel time can be a major issue. The gas and time spent going to and coming from the course would more than pay to have an indoor putting green installed at your home. No more wasted trips and no more rain outs. If you want to practice putting on a daily basis, your own putting green allows you to do so without worry or added waste of time.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Installing your very own putting green allows you to practice all year round. You can practice whenever it is convenient, even if that time happens to be after dark when everyone else is asleep. Practice makes perfect and having your own green allows you to practice certain shots repeatedly, giving you the confidence you need to sink the big putt when it really matters.

Fostering A Love of the Game

Another advantage of having your own putting green is that is allows children to be exposed to the game on a regular basis. Just like you, they can practice whenever they choose. This lets them begin to hone their skills at a very early age and also gives them a head start when they enter high school and begin to participate in school sports. The green allows you to interact with your children and teach them something about one of your favorites sports. Children are always looking for ways to spend time with their parents and allows you to teach them about something that is important to you.


Absolute convenience. You can practice any time you have a few minutes. It remains evergreen throughout the year and can be used any time, winter, spring, summer or fall. You can choose whatever location best suits your needs. A putting green can be created almost anywhere there is a flat, sturdy surface.

If you love the sport of golf and truly want to improve your game, its all about honing your short game. Each shot varies according to location of the ball, distance from the cup and topography of the green. While most greens are flat, a custom built green will have breaks creating unique and challenging shots. The key is to set up a particular shot and practice it over and over again until you have mastered it. A artificial turf putting green gives you the means and the opportunity to work on your game every day at your convenience.

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