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7 Reasons Why Cities Should Consider Artificial Turf On Playgrounds

Posted by Troy Scott on 22 June


7 Reasons Why Cities Should Consider Artificial Turf For Their Public Playgrounds http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/7-reasons-cities-should-consider-artificial-turf-for-public-playgrounds @heavenlygreensOur kids need more places to play. Obesity among pre-school children has increased at an alarming rate in recent years. The American Academy of Pediatrics says kids under five should engage in as much outdoor activity as possible, yet for many, there aren’t enough opportunities. Artificial turf offers a solution with universal appeal.



Ensuring our children have safe, accessible places to play is just the beginning. When used for public spaces, artificial grass provides multiple financial and aesthetic benefits. Choosing superior products such as synthetic turf options from Heavenly Greens can be a game-changer for cities looking to add or enhance ball fields and playgrounds at parks or recreation centers, schools, child care facilities, dog parks, and other common-use areas.


Synthetic turf comes in many styles, so it’s reliably durable, no matter the application. It’s always soft, and always looks lush and green. Quality of life may be “intangible,” but attractive surroundings are definitely a desirable asset for every city. How else can you benefit? 

  1. No ongoing costs for water.
  2. Virtually no ongoing costs for upkeep. Cities save money on labor, mowing equipment, transportation, gas, and insurance. And you can eliminate costs of repeated repairs natural grass requires, to fill holes and reseed dead spots from weather or overuse.
  3. No noisy, disruptive mowing and smelly pollution from equipment.
  4. Artificial grass is allergen- and toxin-free, and there’s never a need to apply questionable chemicals. That protects people, pets, wildlife, and the environment. And that boosts public approval, because people now expect their communities to be more sustainable.
  5. Play is never interrupted by puddles or mud, because Heavenly Greens MaxxFlow drainage system drains 10x faster than natural grass and dries quickly. Fake grass is not slippery when wet.
  6. Safer surfaces for little ones. Heavenly Greens FallSoft synthetic grass is specially constructed and installed to cushion falls and impacts from more than 5 feet, so it’s the perfect under-footing for play structures and other equipment.
  7. Dog parks that appeal to humans and pups alike, thanks to fake grass designed with dog-friendly attributes.


Any city administration can appreciate these benefits. And they represent only the practical side of artificial grass.


Versatility drives creativity

Artificial grass grows anywhere, so you can design more interesting, fun but safe play spaces for kids of all ages. Terrain with hills and valleys for running and tumbling, for example. Plus, artificial grass doesn’t even have to be green! In one city, a blue grass “river” runs through a park. Lakeland, FL built their Sunflower Preschool Park of blue, orange, and yellow fake grass to look like a giant flower garden.


Choose a working partner, not just another vendor

Check out our Product Comparison Guide to learn more about grass options for public playgrounds. And remember, our Heavenly Greens team of experts is here to help. They’re extremely knowledgeable and experienced working with municipalities – one reason we’re the Bay Area’s leading provider of commercial and residential artificial grass. Think of us as your partner in designing innovative, aesthetically interesting, and entirely practical installations.

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