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9 Reasons Why Artificial Grass May Not Be Right For You

artificial grass

Here at Heavenly Greens we talk a lot about how great artificial grass is. But, truth be told, all that talk doesn’t mean that artificial grass is the right choice for you. Here are 9 reasons why you should think twice about installing fake grass:

1. It’s nothing more than indoor-outdoor carpet

Do you seriously want that in your yard? It’s plastic. How gauche. You wouldn’t put plastic carpeting in your living room, would you?

2. It’s unnatural

Real grass is the real thing. Artificial grass is made from, well, artificial ingredients – artificial dyes, petroleum products, things you have every right to wonder about.

3. It’s unhealthy

Not only is the “grass” part made from synthetic materials, surely you’ve read about the dangers of crumb rubber infill.

4. It’s so BORING . . . always the same

Real grass changes colors with the seasons. It grows and then gets trimmed when you mow, but you can let it grow to any length you want. It dies back, but it sends out new shoots to fill in the gaps. Usually. Artificial grass just sits there, looking exactly the same every day, year in and year out.

5. It’s not cool

Artificial grass gets warmer in hot weather than natural grass because it can retain heat rather than giving it off heat naturally. Who wants to wiggle their toes in warmish fake grass?

6. It won’t last, so you’ll just have to replace it

Real grass is a living, breathing plant. It naturally renews itself as the seasons change and the years pass by. Artificial grass has a predictable lifespan, after which you’ll have to rip it out and start all over again. What a hassle!

7. It’s expensive

Have you priced artificial grass? Yikes, it’s a major investment. If you want to add a natural grass lawn, or expand the one you already have, you can just go to the home improvement store and buy a box of grass seed. A few bucks and a few weeks later, you’ve got grass.

8. It’s not environmentally-friendly

With all its plastic and who-knows-what-else ingredients, artificial grass can’t possibly be recyclable.

9. It’s delicate

You have to be careful around artificial grass, so it doesn’t get damaged. Sunbeams reflecting off your windows can burn it. So can hot coals from your barbecue or fire pit (or thoughtless Uncle Joe’s cigarette butt). You can’t drive stakes into it, so how are you going to put up the volleyball net or your holiday lawn decorations? It can come apart at the seams, or pull up around the edges. Then what will you do?

And, just one more reason for you to contemplate:

All 9 of the above “reasons” are incorrect!

The real truth is that artificial grass may be the best thing that ever happened to your landscape, your family’s outdoor living enjoyment, and your wallet.

  • It’s healthier and safer for kids and pets – made with no harmful ingredients and requiring none for maintenance.
  • It’s tougher and longer-lasting than live grass, requiring only a bit of simple, easy maintenance instead of heavy-duty (and costly) chores associated with natural grass maintenance.
  • It always looks perfect – never develops divots or yellow patches, and never needs mowing to maintain ideal height.
  • It is, in fact, recyclable, and it is a true friend to Mother Nature.

And, let’s get real here. Just because you can’t poke holes in it doesn’t mean artificial grass isn’t a great surface for all your outdoor living activities, in the back yard or out front.

Get the facts! Call or visit our San Jose showroom today, to see and feel for yourself why artificial grass is a natural choice.

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