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Artificial Grass for Pets: Solution to Brown and Dead Spots in the Yard

Get Rid of Brown, Dead and Yellow Patches with Artificial Grass for Pets and Lawns

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Brown, yellow and bare patches on natural lawns is a common sight in California. So common, in fact, that most homeowners give up and accept it as an inevitable part of having grass in the yard.

However, the solution is quite simple - get rid of the grass. Or more specifically, replace all that wilted and dead grass with artificial grass for pets and backyards.

10 Reasons Why Grass Turns Brown or Yellow

  1. The grass is starved for water.
    This is the most common reason you see yellow or brown patches in your yard, particularly after a long period of drought.
  2. The grass is in direct sunlight most of the day.
    In addition to being deprived of water, you can also end up with a lawn that has been baked into submission by the sun. In fact, you may notice that you get more burnt patches in areas of your yard with very little or no shade.
  3. You over fertilize your lawn.

    Grass needs a balance of potassium and nitrogen for healthy growth, but you can have too much of a good thing. If you add too much fertilizer or you use the wrong type of fertilizer, you'll end up with a lawn full of damaged grass.

  4. You have poor soil.
    If you notice your lawn is often dry but you've added water on a regular basis, then you may have poor soil that's draining the life out of your grass. The roots are not able to get the most vital nutrients, so your grass will naturally wilt.
  5. You have your sprinklers set too high or you overwater.
    You want your grass to have a chance to dry before you turn on the sprinklers again, so you should only water your lawn when it starts looking faded. Otherwise, you're basically drowning your lawn.
  6. You have pets or other animals that use your yard as their bathroom.
    If you have animals, you probably know how frequently they find your turf inviting for relieving themselves. If you don't clean up after them, you can end up with a lawn full of urine and feces, which will kill the grass.
  7. You have too many trees around your yard.
    Trees are beautiful, but they will keep your property in shade most of the day. Without proper sunlight, you won't have a healthy lawn.
  8. Your lawn is infested by pests.
    Weeds, insects or rodents can decimate your lawn. You should also regularly check if you have fungus gnats that may be damaging your grass.
  9. You have the wrong type of grass.
    Many people plant Bermuda grass in California thinking it's a hardy variety that you can keep outside year-round. Unfortunately, it dies quickly and you'll have to replace your lawn often if you want to keep your property looking good.
  10. Your lawn is sick.
    Grass can contract a number of diseases. Some of the most common include brown patch disease, you can also have a fungus infestation or you might be battling grubs.

Note that this is just a partial list. There are so many things that can go wrong on a natural lawn which can lead to brown, yellow and dead patches all over the place.


7 Ways to Solve Brown and Yellow Patches on a Natural Lawn


  1. You can reseed your lawn with grass seed to cover up the dead patches. This is a viable solution if you have a small brown patch you want to quickly fix, but it can be expensive and time-consuming if you have a large area you need to recover. Plus you'll need water and sunlight at regular intervals to ensure you don't have a new brown patch the following year.
  2. You can dig up your topsoil and replace it with a more nutrient-rich soil, but this is going to be an expensive solution you only want to consider if you’re ready for the cost, time and effort it will take.
  3. You can use fertilizers that are designed especially for brown patches, but you should consult professionals for the best type and method of application.
  4. Instead of trying to repair your brown patch, you can just replace it with a different grass variety that's more suitable for California and needs less water or fertilizer than your previous lawn.
  5. You can try using a pesticide that will kill off any insects or rodents you may be experiencing and then you'll want to reseed with fresh grass seed after you're done with the treatment; you'll also need to water regularly and avoid using the sprinklers for a while.
  6. If you have fungus gnats, you can spray your lawn with insecticides or use Neem oil to make the soil less inviting for these pests. You should also check if you might have grubs eating away at your grass and getting rid of them is going to make your lawn greener again.
  7. You can use natural fertilizers such as compost and you should also reduce your watering levels to allow the soil more time to recover. This is a low-cost solution you can implement if you care about using environmentally friendly products on your lawn.

    There's no guarantee that the solutions above will work, but you can try them anyway.

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Artificial Grass: Enjoy a Beautiful Green Lawn Free from Dead Spots

Feeling overwhelmed with everything above? Unfortunately, as long as you have natural grass, there's no foolproof way to avoid having those ugly brown and yellow patches in your backyard.

Artificial grass for pets and lawns offers an effective and permanent way to keep your lawn looking green and lush year-round. You'll no longer have to worry about reseeding, you won't need any pesticides or fertilizers and you won't have to fret about watering and mowing.

Pests, grubs, weeds and other grass killers? Not a problem anymore.

California drought? One less thing to worry about once you have the best artificial grass for dogs.

Aside from creating a green and healthy-looking yard, artificial grass is also:

  • Eco-friendly and sustainable
  • Long-lasting (as long as 10 to 20 years!)
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non-toxic
  • Safe for kids and pets
  • UV resistant and can withstand hot temperatures
  • Weather-resistant

In short, artificial grass is one of the best gifts you can give yourself as a homeowner.

Imagine backyard parties, BBQs, relaxing in the sun, you name it - and all without worrying about keeping your grass alive.

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