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Is Artificial Turf Lead-Free? Worry-Free Lawn Solution For California


Is Artificial Turf Lead-Free? A Worry-Free Lawn Solution For Northern California http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/artificial-turf-lead-free-lawn-solution-for-northern-california @heavenlygreensAs you enjoy time playing in the backyard of your home, have you ever thought about lead as a potential hazard? The dangers of lead toxicity were discovered years ago, yet harmful levels of lead are still found in common household products, from lipstick and paint to pesticides and fuel. Lead exposure can cause serious damage to the central and peripheral nervous system, and small children who are exposed to lead can develop learning disorders. To read more about the harmful effects of lead, visit the Global Healing Center’s website.

According to research from UCLA, lead levels in building materials have been reduced dramatically. However, there are still high levels of lead in contaminated soil, which is the second most common source of lead poisoning in pets and children. In fact, the UCLA research shows that the soils found in most urban areas of US contain lead, with Los Angeles reporting the highest overall lead contamination originating from lead fuel emissions.


Additionally, many articles and studies have focused on the dangers of lead exposure from some brands of artificial turf. The materials commonly used in some kinds of fake grass often contain trace amounts of lead that has been added to the coloring to make turf appear brighter and more durable. In some cases, as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports, lead exposure comes from dust particles on artificial turf as activity takes place on the surface. Once airborne, the leaded particles can enter other areas around a home or place of business, through ventilation and direct contact with dust.


Any lead exposure is harmful to you, your children and your pets. When you are considering using artificial grass in your home or community, make sure finding an artificial grass that is lead-free is your priority. By doing so, you are greatly reducing the chances of exposure to lead in artificial turf. Choosing the right lead-free artificial grass can also cut down on coming into direct contact with the lead found in the soil around California and other more urban areas, because it can provide a protective barrier.


Heavenly Greens’ FieldTurf is the only artificial turf manufacturer who can boast 100% lead-free fake grass products. Made of durable, polyethylene fibers, this artificial turf is rated by the Environmental Protection Agency, the CDC, and other government agencies as being the safest fake grass  you can use anywhere around your property. You can experience peace of mind and be secure providing your family and your community with artificial grass that is not only environmentally friendly, but also toxin-free.

FieldTurf continuously sets new environmental standards throughout the synthetic turf and grass industry. It is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council and the Environmental Protection Agency’s “Greenscapes” program. At Heavenly Greens, we are 100% confident knowing that we are keeping not only our customers’ health safe, but also the environment. We pride ourselves in being an eco-friendly company offering the best quality lead-free artificial turf on the market today.


Heavenly Greens is California’s sole FieldTurf retailer. Learn more about Heavenly Green’s FieldTurf products.  Our FieldTurf products have proved themselves time and time again. FieldTurf is safe, and it stays beautiful and green, even in the harshest of environments. And FieldTurf is always lead and toxin free.


Getting FieldTurf helps you acquire Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) credits. Find out how to become LEED accredited. FieldTurf’s products can assist architects and designers in obtaining up to 10 points toward LEED certification. We encourage you to get in contact with our friendly sales team to learn more about lead-free artificial turf and how it can improve the look and function of your property Free Guide: Top 5 Myths About Artificial Turf

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