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Backyard Bridal Shower Party Ideas


Briday shower party on artificial grassNot everyone gets married in June. So it shouldn’t be a surprise if one of your BFFs is planning to tie the knot later this fall or winter. You can still plan a backyard bridal shower that creates beautiful, lasting memories. 

Here in the south Bay area, you’re pretty safe to make it an outdoor event, even though it’s fall. Yes, your guests may have to dress a bit more warmly, but why waste that beautiful backyard of yours? It still looks pretty in its fall colors, and thank heaven you made the switch to artificial grass! Natural grass would look a mess by now.

Artificial grass has it all over natural grass when it comes to bridal showers:

  • It always looks gorgeous and party-perfect, no matter the season, no matter how much action it saw this summer with kids, dogs, and all those neighborhood barbeques.
  • You never have to water it, so there’s zero risk of residual dampness that can stain shoes. And zero risk of mud or other clingy debris.
  • Heels don’t sink in – another common risk for women in high heels, especially. Sinking heels can ruin shoes, turn ankles, and simply make standing or walking a trial. Guests shouldn’t have to tiptoe around your party!

The Theme’s the Thing

It sets the tone for your party and gives you a visual foundation for everything from invitations to table settings, decorations, even the food. Make it an informal get-together, or put on an elaborate “do,” but remember this shower is really her party, not yours. So pick a theme that’s all about her.

Wedding planning is an enormous industry these days, and producing an exceptional shower is part of the overall extravaganza. So you’ll have no trouble at all finding loads of ideas as well as party accessories from fun or tasty favors to personalized signs online. If you could consult just one person to choose a theme, who would that be? Martha Stewart comes to mind.

A few of Martha’s most inspired ideas?

Garden party, of course. You don’t have to pick a fall theme or use fall colors, your favorite florist will have other pretty and fragrant options in bright colors, pastels, all-white, etc. Or use those gorgeous patio herb containers you created earlier in the year to “dress” your party space. Decorate with strings of lights.

Set tables with colorful umbrellas and chairs on the lawn. Worried it might sprinkle? Put up a tent to house buffet and seating, and let guests flow in and out as they like. You don’t want to puncture the backing on your faux grass, so be sure your tent can be anchored with weights instead. And be sure you choose window-style sides, to let in natural light and the view into your yard.

  • A party that pampers might include essentials and fun extras for DIY (or “serve” one another) mani-pedis, facials, or aroma therapy.
  • Afternoon tea. Add a Victorian touch with vintage cups and saucers, set out baskets of interesting teas and decorate with tea pots. Serve petit-fours and tiny sandwiches, and your bride-to-be will feel like a queen.
  • Cooking class/kitchen theme. If you have an outdoor kitchen, invite a noted local chef (or one of your friends) to demonstrate a new recipe or special gourmet techniques.
  • Ask each guest to bring a gift associated with a specific holiday (Valentine’s Day, Easter, July 4th, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, etc.) to create a “starter package” of holiday heirlooms for the bride and groom.

Thanks to your artificial grass, you can focus on decorating your backyard rather than prepping it. Whatever theme you choose, it is the time together with the bride and good friends that will make the event most special.

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