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7 Best Pet Grooming Services in San Jose

Posted by Troy Scott on 22 April

Best_Pet_Grooming_Services_in_San_JoseYour pets are part of the family, and you love them dearly. You want your pup or kitty to look their best, and you know they feel better when they’re clean and all trimmed up after a professional pet grooming. But when it’s time for your dog or cat to visit the groomer, how do you know where to go?

To help you out, we’ve uncovered the 7 top-rated pet grooming services in the San Jose area.

Here’s what some of their fans have to say about them (in alphabetical order):

A Pet Villa Boarding and Grooming

1205 Laurelwood Rd., Santa Clara

Thank you for taking such great care of us over the years.

Fine staff and passionate care since 2007.

Creative K9 Clips

5617 Cottle Rd., San Jose

Other groomers we've been to in the past tend to do less "grooming" and more shaving. I never realized the other shops were just taking the easy way out till I came here.

My dog hates the groomers (and people in general), but the staff were super patient and gentle! By the time I went to pick Bailey up, she was sleeping peacefully in the front room.

Doggie Stylezz

478 Blossom Hill Rd., San Jose

Getting an appointment for grooming is painless, and they don't make you wait weeks upon end to get in…their work is great quality and I trust them with my dog.

They took great care of my temperamental Pom!

Ken’s Dog Grooming Service

1325 S Winchester Blvd., San Jose

I loved the fact that we got to meet the groomer before anything was done…we asked for something specific and got exactly what we wanted.

My yorkie always leaves looking amazing.

Showtime Pet Grooming

104 Race St, San Jose

Not everyone does cats, but Showtime had no problems accommodating my picky princess.  Within a few hours I had a beautiful smelling, fluffy baby back. Even though I know she's a brat, they always tell me what a wonderful girl she is.

They have a 2 hr. service…you pay $20 extra for a quicker cut. Super busy! [My dog] gets pretty nervous with lots of things going on, and there were at least 5 other dogs in the same room getting groomed. I've been to PetSmart and they groom multiple dogs at the same time, but this space was at least half the size.

Everyone here is warm, welcoming and friendly. The dogs are groomed in an open space where you can see what's going on, if you choose to wait.

Springdale Kennels

520 Giuffrida Ave, San Jose

Great place, my Boxer really likes the staff.

I like the fact that the dogs get to play all day and have a huge run to sleep in and the floors are heated!

The Dog Spot

1356 S. De Anza Blvd., San Jose

I am absolutely confident that [my pets] are in kind and competent hands. The business is run with a level of professionalism that after a lifetime of dog owning, I have rarely encountered at a groomers.

Brian the owner and groomer is exactly what you want in a groomer and treats your dogs with the love and care you want. He takes great notes on your preferences and refers back to them every visit! Two thumbs up!!!

Ultimately, choosing a pet grooming service for your dog or cat is a very personal decision – one that requires close consultation with your four-legged companions. After all, they’re the ones that have to spend time with the groomer, so if they aren’t comfortable nobody will like the results. Checking out the best-rated pet grooming businesses is a good place to start your search for the perfect match. Now you just need to keep them clean! Artificial turf is a great way to keep your four-legged friend out of the mud. Learn why your pet prefers synthetic grass.

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