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Best Ways To Set Up Your Garage Sale On Your Artificial Grass


garage sale on artificial grassSetting up a sale inside your garage can create a cramped and somewhat dark environment – not the most inviting for potential shoppers. Besides, if you have lots of stuff to sell, it might not even fit in your garage. Thankfully, your artificial grass lawn is an ideal surface to host a “garage” sale.


  • Artificial grass provides a soft but stable under-footing for tables and racks. It’s also much more durable and resilient than natural grass, so garage sale displays and all that extra foot traffic won’t damage your lawn.
  • Artificial grass is never soggy, so even if it rains the night before, no worries. Your lawn will be dry by “show time.” And your guest won’t be tracking around mud, residual grass clippings, or other debris.
  • Artificial grass makes an attractive and inviting first impression, something that’s vital for any retail store.

And that’s our first tip: your garage sale is a pop-up retail store

The more appealing your set-up, the more people will want to stop and take a closer look at your goods. The same visual merchandising techniques retailers use can transform your garage sale into a must-shop space that sells, sells, sells.

  • Put up signs and decorate your entrance with colorful balloons, a huge stuffed animal, or a wacky mannequin.
  • Make sure everything is clean and your space is tidy and well-organized. Clutter is off-putting to shoppers, and people associate dirt and mess with junk.
  • Plan displays in advance. This ensures you have enough space and everything is arranged to encourage maximum browsing.
  • Vary the height of table displays. If items are all similar size and height, elevate some by placing boxes under a tablecloth to create tiers.
  • Put your checkout table near the front, so you can greet new arrivals and make sure no one “forgets” to pay before leaving.

Here are some other tips to set your sale up for success:

  • Arrange large items on your driveway, for eye-catching appeal and to keep moving vehicles away from shoppers. If you don’t have big items, block off your driveway in some other way.
  • You can still use your garage, if you need extra shade or have electrical items that will need an outlet for demonstration. Just be sure to hide away any belongings not for sale!
  • Arrange tables in a U- or L-shape around the perimeter of your lawn. Place large items where folks can walk around them for a 360-degree view.
  • Place breakable items away from table edges. But relax, if something does fall, it will have a soft landing on your artificial grass!
  • Group like items together. Wine glasses, toys, bakeware, hand tools, etc. Better yet, group related items on the same table, to encourage additional sales. For example, cookbooks with the bakeware, or candles and candle holders with dishes or placemats.
  • Use toys or other sale items as display props. A stuffed dog reading a book, a teddy bear seated on a bike, etc.
  • Set aside a “toy tryout” space on the grass. Mom can shop longer if little ones are occupied. And thanks to your artificial grass, there won’t be any grass stains on toys or kids’ clothes.
  • Put jewelry in the sun for maximum shine. That said, be sure to place all valuables where you can keep an eye on them. Hang necklaces to avoid tangling, and put earrings or sets in plastic bags so they stay together.
  • Hang clothes on inexpensive hangers. And separate clothes by size and type. You can use commercial garment racks, or run a pole between two ladders. Stacking clothes on tables or dumping them in a box does not show them off to advantage, and you’ll be constantly re-folding. Place clothing in a shady space on your lawn or inside the garage.

And just think – when it’s all over and you’ve put away your now-empty tables and racks, your front lawn will look as great as it did yesterday. Gorgeous, green, and luxurious. So inviting. Maybe you should plan one last summer’s end yard party.

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