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Spend More Time Enjoying Your Artificial Turf Than Maintaining It

Posted by Troy Scott on 14 July

Most people enjoy summer for warm, relaxed days, vacations, swimming, barbecues, and spending time with family and friends. Mowing the lawn, however, is not on the list of fun things to do. Neither is worrying about whether or not your lawn is getting enough water.  Fortunately, with a zero-maintenance synthetic turf lawn, you never need to worry about these things again.

  • You’ll save money and time.

Artificial grass not only makes your lawn a beautiful lush green, but it will save you time and money. You’ll save money on the water you would have used to irrigate your grass lawn and on the costs of mowing and upkeep. Plus, all the time formerly spent on lawn maintenance can now be spent relaxing and enjoying the outdoors.

  • An artificial lawn can take punishment.

There’s a reason that they use synthetic grass for sports playing fields. Artificial turf can be used for around 3,000 hours per year, which is several times more than grass. Unlike real grass, which will turn to dirt and rocks if overused, artificial grass will be green and lush for years and years of use.HG - Novato Bocce pool t-70

  • It’s cleaner.

Real grass lawns can become havens for bacteria and insect infestations. With a synthetic turf lawn, you can feel secure knowing that it is clean and clear of bugs and bacteria.

  • It’s environmentally friendly.

Synthetic turn lawns are eco-friendly on several counts. First and foremost, they save billions of gallons of water every year, which would have otherwise gone to keeping a real lawn the same rich green. They reduce the need for toxic pesticides and fertilizers and of limit the gas and oil used in lawn mowers. They also represent a triumph of recycling: The creation of synthetic turf surfaces involve the recycling of tens of millions of used tires, which would otherwise be taking up space in landfills. 

If you’re ready to enjoy your lawn to the fullest this summer, without the chores that come along with it, then have Heavenly Greens install a beautiful synthetic turf lawn for you today. For more information, visit us on the web or call us at (866) 906-9362.

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