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Get Synthetic Turf on Almost ANY Surface

You do not have to have a spacious backyard to have an always-green, comfortable, outside area to enjoy. In fact, it’s quite simple to achieve.

Heavenly Greens has landscape solutions for you. Their artificial grass is ready for you to enjoy at your home, even if it’s an apartment, condo or townhouse. In fact, Heavenly Greens experts can install their high-quality synthetic grass on relatively any surface, so you are not limited by your space.

If you are not looking to install in a spacious backyard, you are still in the right spot. The fake grass is the perfect outdoor carpet for apartment balconies, patio areas, or small spaces around condos and townhouses.

Heavenly Greens artificial turf is the best solution for you, because it:

  • Dries quickly; no drainage issues,
  • Is 100 percent non-toxic and allergen-free,
  • Is safe for pets and children,
  • Is comfortable, soft and plush to the touch,
  • Is low maintenance, and
  • Is environmentally friendly.

Do not think you have to miss out on a lush, green area outside just because you have a confined or unique space to work with. Heavenly Greens customizes their fake lawn grass for what is best for you. Call the experts at Heavenly Greens today for a quote on synthetic lawn installation.

Call 888-254-5503 or click to get a Free Quote, Fast.


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