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How to Avoid Fines with Fake Grass

Posted by Troy Scott on 18 September

fake grassHaving a beautiful lawn often comes at a price. In areas where drought conditions call for the limited use of water, that cost can increase dramatically if fees and fines become an issue. If you live in an area where drought is common, installing artificial grass will keep your lawn looking green and lush in spite of the high temperatures and lack of precipitation.


Follow City and State Guidelines for Installation

In some cities, the installation of artificial turf is prohibited in portions of a home or business's lawn that is considered to be street front property. In recent years, this has posed a major problem with homeowners who must keep their lawns looking acceptable or face fines. In order to keep the property looking as it should, homeowners must water their lawns. During times of restricted water usage, watering the lawn will also incur fines. This particular issue has caused such a debate, that many cities are considering lifting the ban of fake grass on street side areas of a person's property.

Some homeowners have skirted the issue by removing all of the natural grass and creating a landscaped area that includes various decorative grasses, rock formations and fountains. This works well for homes with small front yards, but this is normally not cost effective for homeowners who have large sections of lawn in the front of their home.


No Wasteful Water Usage

When artificial or fake grass can be used throughout the property, there is no need to water the lawn. It takes over 56,000 gallons of water a year to irrigate an 1000 square foot lawn. When artificial turf can be used in place of natural grass, the amount of water used each year to keep lawns looking green, lush and vibrant is decreased dramatically.

In areas of California where drought conditions range from moderate to severe, individuals who are caught wasting water can be forced to pay hefty fines. With high temperatures and dry air being common throughout the year in some parts of the state, it can be almost impossible to provide enough water to keep a lawn looking green and healthy. The state has went so far as to enact legislation to control the unnecessary use of water by levying big fines and fees against homeowners who water their lawns or even wash their cars.


No Lawn Waste to Get Rid Of

Many neighborhoods require homeowners to dispose of their lawn waste. It cannot be burned (like in some rural parts of the state) within the neighborhood and, it can get to be rather expensive if a homeowner must pay to have it hauled away each week. In areas that have a public compost pile, the city may send a truck around each week to collect the yard waste and add include it in with the compost. This does not happen in every area, however, and unless homeowners have their own compost bin, they may need to find another way to dispose of their grass clippings. 

If a homeowner has fake grass installed throughout their lawn, they no longer have to worry about what they are going to do with their lawn waste. They also don't have to worry about fees or fines if their grass grows too tall or their grass clippings remain on the lawn for any length of time. The installation of artificial turf improve property values and creates a beautful yard which is extremely easy to care for. In some areas, a prospective homeowner may choose one with artificial turf over one with a real grass lawn simply for the convenience and the reduced risk of possible fines. Having a lawn that looks immaculate all year round with little maintenance or upkeep is also a major plus.

Water Conservation

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