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Using Artificial Turf for Landscape Solutions

Artificial TurfHomeowners who want to landscape their property may have to deal with specific issues, depending on where they live, the type of property they have and the environment. Landscaping is used to highlight and enhance the exterior look of the home. Plants must be chosen that can thrive in the given climate as well as blend in with the look and feel of the home. In some cases, the only way to accomplish this is to bring in different soil, or use materials that do not depend on specific soil types or environmental variables.

Drought Prone Areas

In areas where drought conditions are prevalent, the use of artificial turf is just one of many landscape solutions that homeowners can employ to make their property more appealing. There are several different types of grasses suitable for drought prone areas that can be used within a landscaped area to provide a unique, flowing look. Finding actual lawn grass that can withstand extreme temperatures and dry conditions is a different story, however. Using artificial turf eliminates the need for daily watering and offers homeowners a lush, green lawn all year round. Learn more about Drought Tolerant Landscaping Ideas for California Yards.

Small, Enclosed Areas

If the area to be landscaped is small or in an enclosed area, such as a patio, deck or apartment complex, using artificial turf can be an extremely convenient option. There are several benefits to using synthetic grass in an enclosed, landscaped area. They include:

  • No need to trim

  • No need to mow

  • No excessive watering

  • No clean up

  • Easy to trim to fit a specific area

It is difficult to plant grass and properly maintain it in a small, enclosed space. When there is limited space, it is difficult to bring in a motorized trimmer and even harder to trim the plants by hand. Artificial turf provides landscape solutions that allow homeowners to have a beautiful oasis in almost any size space.

Artificial turf is ideal for apartment complexes and condos where the individual only has a small space within which to work. They can choose to install synthetic grass over the entire surface of the patio, or they can mark off a small section solely for the purpose of landscaping. The grass can be used within to accent the landscaped area or it can be spread out around it as a way of setting a boundary or creating an outline.

Poor Soil Quality

One of the most important elements to any landscaped area is the type of soil on the property. Some homeowners may choose to enrich the existing soil with peat moss to make growing conditions more favorable for the plants they choose to use. When the existing soil is rich with nutrients, little needs to be done to ensure the quality and growth of the plants that are used.

When soil quality is extremely poor, such as in arid, desert regions, the use of artificial turf can be used to give the appearance of a lush, green, landscaped area. Using artificial turf to surround colorful flower beds is just one of many landscape solutions that homeowners can create on their own. There is no need for a professional landscaping service, if you are able to do the job yourself.

Poor soil quality can also limit the types of plants you can use in your flower garden. Because grass takes up massive amounts of water, it may be difficult for other plants to survive in close proximity to it. Without adequate water, flowers and decorative plants have a harder time drawing nutrients from the soil. Artificial turf uses no water at all, allowing it to be used by the plants that need it the most.

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