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Landscape Solutions To Increase The Value Of Your Home

Landscape SolutionsRealtors understand what sells homes. One of the first things they mention to a potential client is the curb appeal of the home. Curb appeal is how the home looks from the street. A home with a well kept yard, clean exterior and inviting atmosphere is said to have positive curb appeal. In other words, it is nice to look at and a home anyone would be proud to own. They will also give their clients pointers as to how to improve their homes' appearance, including landscape solutions.

Artificial Turf

Installing artificial grass is just one of many landscape solutions that can increase a home's resale value. It requires very little maintenance and will last for several years without fading or wearing thin. Artificial grass is evergreen and will remain vibrant green without being watered. In areas where drought restrictions often apply, this can mean a substantial increase in a homes' overall value. Artificial grass also helps to control both weeds and insects by limiting the resources needed for their growth.


Landscaping is also an effective way to increase a home's value. One of the easiest ways to maximize value with landscaping is to cover areas that are normally hard to care for like areas closes to the home or sloped areas along the sidewalk or driveway. Using decorative stone or wood chips to cover the area prevents weeds from growing and eliminates the need for mowing or trimming in those areas.

Landscape solutions can involve many different elements. For homeowners who prefer to avoid using greenery, there are other things that can be used. A rock garden made with different types of stone, statues and metal sculptures are ideal for homes with that have a rustic look. When a rock garden is properly designed and constructed, weeds will be controlled and minimal care will be needed to keep things looking nice.

A pond or fountain can also add to the curb appeal of a home. When used in conjunction with a rock garden or other type of landscaping, it can turn a lawn into a flowing oasis that is appealing to look and extremely easy to care for. Ponds that have pumps to circulate the water reduce the growth of algae and moss and make the area virtually maintenance free.

Flowers and Foliage

Adding flowers and foliage to a landscaped areas will increase the amount of upkeep, but with adequate care, will also add color and flair to the exterior of the home. Tall, flowing Japanese grasses, brightly colored flowers and the use of different kinds of ground cover can create a unique look that sets a home apart from the rest of the neighborhood. Using a variety of flowers and colors that compliment one another can also create a dramatic visual effect.

The use of landscaping and artificial grass enables a homeowner to change the look and feel of their home. With the right type of landscaping, a homeowner can add thousands of dollars to their home's actual value. Installing artificial turf takes the guesswork and maintenance out of home ownership. There is no need to worry about watering restrictions that are imposed during periods of drought or how much it is going to cost to provide up keep for lawnmowers and trimmers. By improving a homes' curb appeal, it makes it easier for realtors to showcase the home. A potential buyer will often choose whether or not to tour a home, by its exterior appearance. A home that looks beautiful from the outside is more likely to entice someone to take the tour and want to learn more about the home in general.

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