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Do's and Don'ts When Playing On Your Artificial Grass Lawn


Do's and Don'ts When Playing On Your Artificial Grass Lawn http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/dos-and-donts-when-playing-on-your-artificial-grass-lawn @heavenlygreensYour artificial turf lawn opens up a whole new world when it comes to outdoor activities. You don't have to worry about damaging the natural grass or having to re-seed large bare spots after you have been playing for several hours. Artificial is designed to withstand the most intense type of activity. After all, 12 men constantly running a football and digging their toes into the turf to brace for a hit, has to say something for its continued durability. If synthetic turf can withstand that type of punishment on a regular basis, just think of how long it will last in your back yard.


The “Do” List

There are several things you can do on your artificial turf that would cause significant damage to a natural grass lawn. The following list below can be done on a natural grass lawn, but it may cause problems. It could leave marks (on the lawn or you) and you may end up damaging the grass and leaving it in need of a replacement.

  • Use turf paint to outline specific areas of play.

  • Run, pivot, and dive. Playing hard means putting some extreme pressure on the turf which can damage grass and dig up soil.

  • Wear your everyday clothes. Artificial turf will not cause grass or soil stains, no matter how hard you slide or land on the surface.

The fact is, with artificial turf, you can do almost anything you would normally do on natural grass without the fear of causing any type of damage to the turf or yourself. Choose almost any type of sport or recreational activity. Artificial turf is manufactured with the best possible materials and can withstand an extremely high volume of foot traffic. No ruts or visible signs of wear and tear.


The “Don't” List

The list of “don'ts” is rather short considering all of the benefits that artificial turf has to offer. Most of the “don'ts” are common sense and are easy to understand.

  • Don't wear or carry sharp objects during play. This can include metal cleats or various kinds of jewelry.

  • Don't push sharp objects into the turf. Croquet gates can be purchased with weighted ends so they set on top of the turf instead of having to be forced into the soil.

  • Be careful not to let anything hot fall onto the playing surface. On game day, the grill may be fired up. Make sure all of the grilling equipment and the food being prepared are kept away from the games and recreation area.

Even though artificial turf is extremely durable, it can still be damaged. It's important to properly maintain your turf no matter what type of activity you participate in. With a little common sense and ingenuity, you will be able to come up with almost any solution that will allow you to play your favorite sport on your artificial turf without compromising its integrity or causing any type of damage.


Most recreational activities are safe to play anywhere. Very few offer potential risks to turf and those that do, like croquet, have suitable alternatives that make it easy to find a solution that allows them to be played almost anywhere. No matter what type of activity you prefer, artificial turf can withstand almost everything you and your family and friends can dish out. Grab the football, Frisbee, or golf clubs and choose your sides. Fire up the grill and make game day a fun day.

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