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Expand outdoor living areas with Artificial Grass from Heavenly Greens

outdoor area expanded with artificial grass from heavenly greens

Artificial grass is such a superb replacement for lawns and play fields, we often forget just how versatile it really is. There are so many ways you can use artificial grass to expand outdoor living areas, the only limit is your imagination.

You can expand by adding new grassy areas or, but you can also expand outdoor livability by using fake grass to enhance existing elements. Whatever you choose to do, the resulting upgrades will entice you and your family to get out there and enjoy your yard more often. In more ways.

Nice weather is just around the corner (really, it is), so let’s take a closer look at some of the ways artificial grass could expand your outdoor livability starting this year.

Add more lawn

Always wished for a bigger lawn in front or back, but groaned at the thought of adding more work to your weekends? With artificial grass, you can add more lawn and cut way back on hassle and expense. If your yard is small, you can make room for more grass by going vertical with other plantings. You can also expand your lawn by covering decking or concrete patios with artificial grass.

Add grassy pathways between flower or veggie beds

Just like expanding your lawn, grassy walkways become doable with artificial grass, where they would be nothing but a headache with natural grass. Using fake grass gives you stable footing in any weather, eliminates muddy gardening while helping the soil collect and retain more moisture, and provides a pretty finishing touch to any size or shape beds.

Play space for the kids

Building or buying a play structure for your kids is a wonderful thing. But smart parents use artificial grass as flooring underneath, because it is cleaner and safer. At Heavenly Greens, we carry specialized “kid grass” that protects from falls as high as 5 feet.

Play space for the dog

Artificial grass is dog-friendly, too. No muss or fuss for you, softer and more comfortable for your pup, whether she’s zooming or snoozing.

Putting green

If you’re a golfer, casual or serious, you can easily think up numerous reasons to install a backyard putting green. So, what are you waiting for? Talk about a magnificent addition to outdoor livability! We can help you design a play-perfect green plus amenities to fit your space and practice needs.

And if your family is more into bocce ball, just think how much fun you could have playing on your own court. Artificial grass makes an ideal surface for this as well as putting.

Outdoor kitchen

No, you shouldn’t plant fake grass right under any cooking or heat source, but it sure would enhance the aesthetics and functional space around your outdoor kitchen. Artificial grass is so low-maintenance, you’ll have more time and money to entertain and show off your culinary skills.  

Carve out a quiet spot

Your backyard doesn’t have to be all go, go, go. Create a grassy nook or corner with a comfy chair and tiny side table for reading or bench for quiet contemplation. Add a water feature, such as a recirculating stream that flows into a small pond. Or a fountain that adds soothing sounds to your garden.

Think like a landscape designer

As you’re considering how you might like to expand your outdoor space, think in terms of “rooms” – activity areas or focal points you can create that are distinctly unique yet flow gracefully (and functionally) from one to another. That way, everything you do with artificial grass will add maximum beauty as well as livability of your outdoor spaces.

And, remember that artificial grass also increases the sustainability of your landscaping. All the more reason to take pride in your decision to make the most of this amazingly versatile product.  






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