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Fun New Holiday Decoration Ideas For Your Artificial Grass


Lighted Christmas candy cane for your artificial grass holiday decorationDecorating outdoors for holidays has become something of a national obsession, and not only for Christmas any more. So, now that you’ve put away your Halloween monsters and pumpkins and all those fake cobwebs, it’s time to get busy redoing your yard. Aren’t you glad you have artificial grass? Real grass would be in awful shape by now, but your artificial grass is perked-up, green, and ready to go again.

The question is, what should you do this year to decorate? Whether you have a big house, yard, and budget, or your options are small on all scores, you can do some fun, new things to show your love for the season. 

Decorating on artificial grass is different than natural grass

Just a reminder, artificial grass may be amazingly durable and resilient, but it can melt if you put hot lights too close. This shouldn’t be a worry with commercial decorations, because these days virtually all the lights are LEDs, which burn cool. Still, it’s best not to put the lights right on your grass.

You also have to be careful not to puncture the backing on your fake grass, so pounding stakes into the ground is out, whether they’re big and sturdy or slender sticks that hold lightweight decorations. But, hey, this is hardly a big problem because there are lots of easy work-arounds you can use instead.

  • You can buy self-weighted lawn decorations designed to stay put in breezy conditions. Or you can make your own decorations with added weight inside or wooden feet as stabilizers.
  • You can use the non-lawn areas of your landscape to hold things that require stakes.
  • Use naturally heavy items to create a scene – an old sled, a child’s wagon, etc.

And who says you have to put decorations ON your lawn, anyway? Why not line the perimeter of your grass with colorful lights to give it definition and then focus on decorating surrounding shrubs and trees. And don’t neglect your hardscape features ­– fencing, your mailbox or street lamp post, walkway and porch, and of course, the house itself.

Welcoming by day, magical by night

Two looks that are hot this year? Shabby chic and larger-than-life. Of course, simple elegance is always in style. If you need inspiration, you can find lots of great holiday decorating ideas online. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Lights, lights, lights. Outline shapes or cover surfaces. Go all-white, stick with the traditional multi-color look, or pick a particular color theme. Watch where you run electrical cords, though. You want them out of sight, but even more important, you don’t want someone to trip over them.
  • Candy canes, mounted on your mailbox, tree trunks, or lamp posts or marching around the perimeter of your artificial grass. Cross the canes and alternate them with wreaths along a fence (or on your garage) to form the universal “X’s and O’s” that symbolize hugs and kisses.
  • No petite evergreens in your landscape you can decorate? “Plant” some potted ones or an armload of boughs in a bucket, box, etc. No big evergreens? Nail some wooden slats around a 4x4 in graduated sizes to form a dimensional “tree,” and give it a wooden X base for stability. Paint it (or drape it with garland), add ornaments and lights, and voila!
  • Dip pine cones in paint or spray them holiday colors, to hang as ornaments. Combine them with colored ornaments to fill containers.
  • And since chances of snow are slim to none, get a couple of cans of flocking to create a snowy look to your display.

Whether you buy outdoor decorations or make them yourself, you’d better hurry. You and everyone who drives by can enjoy your decorations as long as possible.

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