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Hidden Pet Hazards Eliminated by Top-Quality Artificial Grass for Dogs

Dog on GrassA grass-covered backyard is one of the best amenities you can give your dogs. However, think twice about giving your canines free rein over your lawn. Natural grass tends to hide many dangers to pets, some of which can warrant a trip to the vet. Eliminate most of such hazards when you cover your grounds with artificial grass for dogs.

Hidden Dog Dangers in Yards (And How Artificial Grass Eliminates Them)

The safety of your yard for your pets isn’t assured once you’ve guaranteed that the gate is closed and the fences are in top shape. This is because some dangers lurk within your perimeters. Here are some of the hidden dog hazards in natural lawns and how synthetic turf can remove them for good:

• Pesticides

Natural grass needs pest control solutions to stay in top shape, which tends to leave behind toxic residue and lingering fumes days after their application. Canines can pick up these remnants when they roll around in the turf. Exposure can cause various symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting, skin rashes, eye irritation and respiratory issues.

Artificial turf for dogs doesn’t need chemicals to keep pests at bay. It doesn’t attract critters, as it provides neither food nor shelter that its natural counterpart offers.

• Ticks and fleas

These nasty critters lurk in tall grass, latching onto unsuspecting canines that come in contact with them. Ticks and fleas can cause scratching, hot spots, scabs, tapeworm infestations and anemia. The former may also transmit Lyme disease, Anaplasmosis, tick paralysis and Rocky Mountain Spotted fever.

Artificial grass stays short, so there’s nowhere for ticks and fleas to hide. It also absorbs water efficiently, eliminating the moisture that fleas favor in hiding spots.

• Grass Seeds

These tiny sharp seeds are common in live lawns. They can latch onto your dog’s coat, burrow under the skin and cause irritation. In some cases, these seeds can even get into your dog’s eye. Because grass seeds carry bacteria, they can cause infection. Once they enter the body, they can cause severe internal damage and only surgery can remove them.

Artificial grass for dogs doesn’t produce grass seeds, so there’s no danger of your canine encountering them.

• Stagnant Water

Stagnant water can be host to numerous health hazards, such as leptospirosis. Puddles are also the perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes, which may carry heartworm disease and other illnesses that can be fatal to canines. Synthetic turf eliminates these risks with its efficient drainage system.

Turn Your Yard Into a Pet Paradise

Dogs love artificial grass, so you can’t go wrong in installing it in your yard. Not only is it paw-friendly and realistic, but it’s also incredibly durable and a breeze to maintain.

With artificial grass installation in San Jose, you can spend more time enjoying your lawn with your dog instead of maintaining it.

Heavenly Greens has all your artificial grass needs covered, from top-quality synthetic grass to professional installation services. Call us now (408) 723- 4954 to book an appointment or learn more about the wonders of synthetic turf!

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