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How Long Does Artificial Turf Last

closeup of Artificial Turf that lastsNothing lasts forever, of course. But if you’re looking for a great return on your investment, artificial turf is an excellent choice. Modern artificial grass is tough enough for whatever you have in mind, and it lasts beautifully for years and years.

Exactly how long your grass will last depends on the product you choose and how you use it. At Heavenly Greens, we offer top-quality options designed to serve a multitude of specialized purposes, with maximum resilience and durability. Its beauty, minimal maintenance requirements and long life make it ideal for lawns, patios, driveways and other landscaping and recreational applications.


Durable Materials

Polypropylene, nylon, polyethylene, and jute are all used in the construction of both the synthetic grass and the mesh backing that holds everything together. These materials do not degrade or deteriorate over time, even with constant, heavy use. They are highly resistant to extreme fluctuations in temperatures and fading, and virtually stain-proof.

The intricate design of the mesh backing provides the foundation that ensures resilience and durability. And the combination of materials allows the grass blades to look and feel as natural as possible. Unlike natural grass, though, artificial turf won’t fray or turn brown and die with excessive use.

The Right Infill

Infill plays a key role in making artificial grass both resilient and durable. How the grass will be used determines which type of infill is best. Playgrounds or recreational areas may opt for crumb rubber because it provides excellent cushioning. It also resists compression, so will not settle as easily as other types of infill.

Sand and silicon based mixtures combined with pea gravel are better for lawns and patio areas because they do not hold heat. They can, however, hold pet odors, but that can be prevented with regular rinsing. Modern science continues to identify additional new infill materials. Learn about all our infill options.

Proper Maintenance

Artificial turf requires very little care. Unlike natural a grass lawn that can take several hours a week to maintain, synthetic lawns only require an occasional rinse and fluff to look their very best. Rinsing with a hose is an easy way to remove dust or dirt that has blown in. It is also important to thoroughly rinse any areas where pets potty as soon as possible, or at least weekly, to eliminate bacteria and odors.

Fluffing the grass in high traffic areas prevents them from becoming flattened. Lightly raking the infill keeps it loose, breaking up any areas where it has become compacted under heavy use. Raking the infill also helps to release any odors, improve drainage, and support the blades of grass so they remain upright to retain their natural look and feel.

Minor Repairs

Artificial turf can remain in place for years without showing any signs of damage. If minor damage occurs – something sharp causes a small tear, or a hot piece of charcoal falls and melts a small area – the turf can easily be repaired by one of our Heavenly Greens professionals. Repairs will be invisible.

If the seams lie near a high traffic area, a slight separation may become noticeable, but even this type of problem is easily fixed.

Long-Lasting ROI

Artificial grass is so durable and requires so little maintenance, it can pay for itself in just a few years. Yet, the specific grass product you choose may serve you beautifully for at least 10 years, maybe 20 years, or even longer.

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