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How To Keep Your Artificial Grass Looking New


How To Keep Your Artificial Grass Looking New http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/how-to-keep-artificial-grass-looking-new @heavenlygreensNothing says “wow!” like newly-installed artificial grass. It’s so green and lush. Perfectly trimmed. Toe-wiggling inviting (or putter-inviting, if that new grass is on your new backyard golf green). Now the question is, how do you keep your gorgeous faux grass looking beautifully brand new?


Top quality artificial grass can last as long as 20-25 years, without fading, staining, or falling apart. Specially-engineered backing and installation systems ensure your grass will drain and dry quickly. You won’t have to worry about puddles or mud or perpetuating a damp environment that encourages growth of mold and mildew or insects. With all that, your artificial grass to-do list is blissfully short.


What you’ll need to do

  • Pick up debris, whether that’s leaves and broken twigs after a storm or a deposit from your dog. Keeping the surface of your grass free of things like this helps keep it clean and pretty. If you don’t remove organic matter, it can become unsavory and unsanitary. (That’s true for all grass, fake or natural.)
  • Use a leaf blower to remove dry, lightweight debris such as fall leaves.
  • Rinse away summer dust, spilled drinks, pet urine, or other fluids with water.
  • If the grass becomes uncomfortably warm on a hot summer day, give it a cooling rinse with the hose.
  • Use a stiff natural bristle broom to fluff grass blades as needed in high-traffic areas.


What you’ll never have to do again

  • Mow
  • Rake
  • Edge
  • Figure out what to do with the grass clippings
  • Water
  • Fertilize
  • Apply pesticides
  • Pull weeds
  • Repair holes
  • Reseed bare patches
  • Pay for all those supplies
  • Buy gas and oil for the mower
  • Get the blades sharpened
  • Fix the mower (or the trimmer)
  • Replace the mower (and the trimmer)
  • Apologize to yourself, your family, or the neighbors about the state of your front yard


Wow, indeed. No wonder you’ll have so much more time (and money) to pursue activities you actually like. Instead of thinking of a backyard putting green as an out-of-reach luxury, it’s now a realistic possibility. Won’t the others in your foursome be surprised! Maybe you should add a bocce court, too. Or a special fake grass run for the dog. Or grassy under-footing to make your kids’ play structure safer. 


Fake Grass Is No Delicate Flower

Do not be afraid to use it for all its intended purposes! Decoratively beautiful as it may be, artificial grass is one tough customer. It’s specifically designed to withstand athletics, dogs, kids, weather extremes, you-name-it.


If you’re still deciding whether fake grass is right for your yard or business, we know one of the toughest questions you face is, “Which variety of grass should I choose?” There have been so many advances in the science behind artificial grass in recent years, we now have a multitude of different products for you.


Each of them offers somewhat different color, texture and/or performance characteristics, because you wouldn’t want the same grass for a ballfield as you would for your front lawn. Or your dog run. Check out our 2017 Product Comparison Guide, and you’ll see what we mean.


Do you have a specific question about caring for your artificial grass, or something else related to synthetic turf? You can always give us a call, or use this handy form to email your question.


With artificial grass, you’ll never be a slave to your lawn again. But giving your faux grass some basic attention periodically will bring you years (or decades) of enjoyment and pride.


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