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How to Plan Your Backyard Landscape Design

Posted by Troy Scott on 21 May

How_to_Plan_Your_Backyard_Landscape_DesignA backyard landscape design is as unique as the person who creates them. Every homeowner has an idea of what they want their property to look like. Whether they choose to do the work themselves or hire it to be professionally done, they can create their own backyard landscape design to fit their individual needs. The area to be worked, the materials used and environmental conditions will all play a role in what the finished area will look like.

Know How Much Space You Have

To create any backyard landscape design, you will need to know how much space you have to work with. You can create a large area, making pathways and place benches and statues throughout. Fountains, small ponds and trellises can also be included. If it is a smaller area, decorative grasses, small statuettes and decorative flowers can be used. Choosing the right plants and accessories can make any size landscaped area a beautiful addition to the home.

It's important to know exactly how much space you have and the amount of space needed by each item you plan to use. With accurate measurements, you can prevent overcrowding and keep the area from looking cluttered and disorganized.

Choose Your Materials

Choose the materials you want to include. Depending on the size of the area being used, you may have to limit yourself to a handful of plants and a few additional pieces of décor. Larger areas can be divided into sections, with each area being slightly different than the others. The right materials can accentuate features in the home and make them stand out more prominently. For example, a red brick home is nicely complimented by rich green foliage and white flowers. Some homes will look nicer if stone is used instead of wood chips, or metal trellises instead of wood. You have several options to choose from. Taking the time to find out which ones work best is well worth it in the end.

Know What Plants to Use

Different regions in the country have different weather and environmental conditions. For example, a backyard landscape design for the drought-plagued areas of California, would not work well for areas that receive more than their fair share of rainfall. In areas where precipitation is minimal, you will need to choose plants, shrubs and grasses that thrive without constantly being watered. Learn more about drought tolerant landscaping ideas for California yards

There are several types of decorative grasses and shrubs that thrive in regions where drought conditions are prevalent. They retain their green hue even in the driest of climates. Different varieties of cactus are often used in extremely dry areas, many of which produce beautiful blooms with little to no irrigation needed. Desert foliage can be used to enhance the look of a landscaped area, especially if small stones are being used as filler.

If you want to add an more color to your landscaped are, flowers are a nice choice. It is important to remember, however, that most types of flowers require a moderate amount of water if you expect to get them to bloom throughout the year. Blooming plants normally require more water than greenery, so it is extremely important to know how much precipitation your area gets each year. If it is minimal and you have to water your plants in order them to thrive, flowering plants may not be a good choice. You must also consider whether or not water usage is restricted in your area. Certain areas in California, charge hefty fines to homeowners who are caught violating the new water conservation laws that have recently been put into effect. Talk to your local plant nursery to find out what plants will work best in your area. Don't forget about designing with artificial turf to help conserve water as well. 


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