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How To Safely Rake Leaves On Your Artificial Turf


How To Safely Rake Leaves On Your Artificial Turf http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/how-to-safely-rake-leaves-on-artificial-turf @heavenlygreensOne of the extra-fabulous advantages of switching to artificial grass is saying goodbye to tedious, time-consuming lawn care. But while your new faux lawn may not require all that work, it does want a little spiffing up now and then to keep looking its prettiest. For example, we are sad to report that no artificial turf product has yet to eliminate the need to rake fallen leaves.



But cheer up. There are lots of ways you can remove those pesky leaves and other debris from your artificial grass without damaging it. So there is still a lawn chore you can assign the kids this fall (or do yourself, to get a little fresh air and exercise). We recommend picking up any larger debris such as post-storm twigs and branches as quickly as possible. That way you can prevent damage to the turf’s mesh fabric.


What tools should you use?

A metal or bamboo leaf rake is a great option to lift and pull debris from the surface and from between the blades of your artificial grass. You can also buy rakes made especially for synthetic turf that have nylon tines. Or you can also use a push broom on your artificial grass. Lawn rakes, brushes and brooms not only remove debris, they help keep the infill from becoming compacted.


You can make the raking process go faster and easier by using a leaf blower for dry debris. However, this isn’t the best choice if leaves are wet, since they are heavier and tend to stick together in clumps. In that case, you can try using your shop vac instead. It has the added advantage of capturing the leaves, dirt and debris as you vacuum. If you use a shop vac or air blower, be sure to use the low setting, so you don’t disturb the infill. This is especially important if your turf has sand or sand mix infill because the material is so light. (If you aren’t sure about this, try a small test area first.)


Want an even bigger and better tool? Get a power broom. Like your shop vacuum, this machine picks up debris as you sweep, making it even easier to dispose of rakings. A power broom will leave your grass looking great, too. You can also use the machine on your driveway and sidewalks. Better yet, if you’re a power tool aficionado, there are additional attachments you can get that make quick work of other outdoor home-related tasks.


Zip zap, no more leaves or other debris

Once you’ve finished raking and/or sweeping your artificial turf, you only need to apply the finishing touch. Use a stiff natural bristle broom to give the blades a good fluff, restoring any areas that have become matted down. We recommend giving your artificial grass this treatment every three months, or more often in very high traffic areas as needed.


If you have a specific raking or other maintenance question about your artificial grass, you may find the answer in our website FAQ section. And you are always welcome to give us a call and chat with one of our friendly faux grass experts. Or, if you really want to say goodbye to lawn care, even the little required by artificial turf, we can do the “dirty” work for you. Just ask about our Heavenly Greens Maintenance Package.

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