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Improve Your Child's Safety This Summer With Artificial Turf

Improve Your Childs Safety This Summer With Artificial Turf http://www.heavenlygreens.com/blog/improve-your-childs-safety-this-summer-with-artificial-turf @heavenlygreensSummer isn’t just BBQ season, it’s outdoor play season. With the kids soon out of school for the summer, installing artificial turf now can give them a better play area and give you greater peace of mind.

If you’re like most moms, you secretly hope the kids in the neighborhood will converge on your house to play, so you don’t have to worry about where your own children are when they’re outdoors on long summer days. But the flip side to that is that your yard gets all the wear and tear from those extra kids and their dogs that tag along for the play time and petting.

It’s a conundrum. But not if you install artificial turf.

Synthetic grass is non-toxic, allergen-free and tough and durable enough to withstand the most active kids and pets. It’s always free from yard care chemicals.

Artificial turf isn’t just safer, it’s cleaner.

You can’t protect your kids from everything, no matter how hard you wish or try. That’s just life. But you can give them a softer under-footing that helps cushion them if they slip off the slide. FallSoft® technology builds in extra protection and cushioning against impacts from more than 5 feet.

And they’ll have a lot more fun playing “wrestling match” on the grass than they would on other types of playground materials such as bark dust or sand or bare dirt, because fake grass is soft and flexible like natural grass. Those other products tend to wander, too, so you’re repeatedly raking them back into place or sweeping them back out the door.

Playground turf has a special porous backing with a built-in weed barrier that also discourages insects. Yet drainage is reliably fast, thanks to the MaxxFlow drainage system. Liquids, including pet urine, flow right through 10 times faster than other turf backing products. You can easily pick up or rinse away pet waste or spilled drinks. And Fake grass dries quickly, too.

Never again will you have to tackle grass stains on your kids’ clothing or clean up tracked-in mud and clippings. And you won’t have to listen to that picky mom down the street who calls to complain about her child’s grassy knees and tracked-in residue after playing at your house.

Artificial turf is perfect for play areas large and small.

Synthetic playground turf comes in “tiles,” so it’s easy to create any configuration you want, whether you only need enough to fit under your child’s swing set or your yard includes a climbing structure or trampoline.

You can think outside your yard, too. Maybe your homeowners association has finally made plans to install a playground or park. If they haven’t considered installing artificial turf, give them a heads-up about all the benefits. No homeowners association wants to waste money on unnecessary repetitive maintenance, and every homeowner in your association wants a park that reflects the quality of your neighborhood – that means beautiful grass in tip-top condition.

You’ll all feel proud to have made the environmentally-friendly choice.

And here’s the best part, mom.

While your children – or the entire neighborhood – are having the time of their lives in your safe and grassy backyard, you can take a well-deserved break to admire how much better your entire landscape looks since you made the smart decision to install a fake grass lawn along with the playground turf. It looks seamless.

Why, right now, you would probably be doing some version of lawn maintenance. Or fretting about how the newest water restrictions were going to drive up your water bill while driving the quality of your grass further into the ground. But smart cookie that you are (and what mom doesn’t have to be savvy these days?) you opted for the sustainable choice. Not that tough a choice, really, considering it saves time and looks simply gorgeous.

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